Ikelite Digital Substrobe DS125 $200 US

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Energy Rating ....... 110 wat-sec
Recycle Time ....... 1 sec
Angle of Coverage ....... 90 degrees
....... 100 degrees with diffuser
Guide # (ISO 100) feet ....... 64 surface - 32 underwater
Guide # meters ....... 20 surface - 10 underwater
Color Temperature ....... 4800 degrees Kelvin
Full Power Flashes ....... 250 flashes per full charge
Firing Modes ....... TTL, Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
Modeling Light ....... Built-In Halogen
Battery Pack ....... NiMH module
Weight ....... 1.3 kg (2.75 lb)
Size ....... 9.6 cm dia x 17.9 cm
....... 3.75" dia x 7"
Depth Rating ....... 90m - 300 feet

Smart Charger

Sync Cords, Sensor
& TTL Adapters

Strobe Arm

The choice of professionals and discerning photographers world-over. Bring out the beauty of every underwater scene with the warm and even coverage of the Substrobe DS125.

#4065 Substrobe DS125 includes rechargeable NiMH battery pack, diffuser & standard mount
#4066.1 Smart Charger

The Substrobe DS125 is a compact but powerful workhorse that will keep up with you shot after shot. In fact, with a blazing fast 1 second recycle time it's usually ready before you are.

The circuitry of the Substrobe DS125 has been optimized for use with the latest digital camera models. The DS125 is fully compatible with both preflash and non-preflash systems. And for those remaining die-hards it still works brilliantly with all TTL film cameras including the Nikonos system.

The Substrobe DS125 operates TTL when connected by sync cord to an Ikelite TTL housing, Ikelite TTL Adapter, or TTL film camera. Full, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 manual power settings can be used when connected by sync cord to either TTL or non-TTL systems.

The DS125 can be fired in 10 manual power settings in half/stop increments when attached to the optional Ikelite EV Manual Controller. The controller can operate as a wireless sensor triggered by another flash or may be connected by sync cord for increased control over manual exposure.

"Just another Day in Paradise"