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A 24-year-old Ontario woman who witnessed the murder of her father, a St. Catharines resident, aboard his yacht off Honduras managed to fight off marauding pirates with a flare gun, a relative says.

Myda Egrmajer was unharmed and taken to nearby Belize after several pirates stormed the vessel and gunned down her dad, Milan Egrmajer, 58, on Thursday night while they sought refuge from a storm on the north coast of Honduras, family said.

Myda used a flare gun to save herself when the captain of a nearby tanker battled the high seas and headed their way to see what was wrong.
"It's a miracle," Myda's grandmother, Margaret Wilson, said. "Those people who came to her rescue, I'm telling you, a lot of praise for them. If it hadn't been for that ship, she wouldn't be here."

Wilson marvelled over Myda's courage as she fought for her life.

"She did fight them off with a flare gun," she said. "That's how she chased them off , but it would've been only a matter of time before more came.

"It's just a miracle that she's here. That tanker had never been in that area before and it just came along to see what it could do."

The young woman has been with consulate officials in Belize and flight arrangements were being made for her return to Ontario as soon as possible, said St. Catharines resident Eric van Riesen, who is Myda's cousin.

Myda, a recent graduate of Trent University in Peterborough, was expected to return as early as Sunday and will likely stay with her mother on northern Ontario's Manitoulin Island, van Riesen said.

Van Riesen said his uncle moved to St. Catharines about 3 1/2 years ago.

He departed on his voyage after spending months fixing his sailboat at the St. Catharines Marina in Port Weller, while enjoying company with family members, he said.

The incident has shaken the family, which includes van Riesen's mother Brita, Egrmajer's sister, who also lives in St. Catharines.

"It's pretty traumatic," van Riesen said. "You don't expect this is what you're going to hear one day."

He said his uncle was the kind of person who would have a conversation with anyone, would make you feel at ease and was great with children.

"My kids really loved him; they have a soft spot in their hearts for him," van Riesen said.

The victim, an avid sailor, departed from St. Catharines in July 2008 and travelled to Florida, Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. His daughter joined him last month.

"Milan was shot and killed, and Myda somehow escaped," said Kelly Wilson, Milan's brother-in-law, from Mahone Bay, N.S.

Wilson said Egrmajer was a true lover of life.

"He was a great guy. He was funny and enjoyed a laugh and loved food. He loved the water. He was just an affable chap, is the best way to put it," he said.

The 34-foot yacht, Adena, a MK-2 Ericson 35, was bought by Egrmajer, an electrical engineer, in 2006.

"It's a beautiful, older boat, but old isn't necessarily bad. It was very strongly built and he was an electrical engineer, so he had all the systems working to perfection, of course," Wilson said.

Milan joined the navy after he earned a degree in electrical engineering. He then began a consulting business.

La Prensa, a Spanish-language daily newspaper, said the pair was travelling from Guatemala in a yacht and, due to a storm, they sought refuge very close to shore in a remote area Thursday.

According to La Prensa, the chief of police of the Honduran port of Tela said it appears Egrmajer was shot following a scuffle with thieves.

Preliminary reports indicate that after the shooting, his daughter called Canadian and Honduran authorities for help, but it was impossible to reach the site for more than a day due to poor weather and the remote location.

The paper added a Canadian aircraft flew over the area looking for the pair.

Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Laura Markle confirmed a Canadian citizen has been located and is safe.

"Canadian officials are providing consular assistance on the ground, as well as to the family in Canada," the department said in a release.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs has no official advisory against travel to Honduras but does warn tourists to exercise a high degree of caution due to an increase in violent crime and political unrest.

Canadian government officials also warn that criminals posing as fishermen have led armed assaults against private vessels along the country's northern coast.

Julie Egrmajer, the victim's stepmother, said she last spoke to her son in October on her birthday.

"He was like my son. He was a very nice boy," she said from her Goderich, Ont., home. "He said he was having a nice time.

The Standard

The Standard

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Daughter returns after Honduran pirate ordeal

A Facebook photo of Myda Egrmajer. The 24-year-old former Ottawa woman survived a pirate attack in Honduras in which her father was shot and killed.

OTTAWA - Myda Egrmajer headed home to Canada Monday after a harrowing ordeal with pirates in which her father was shot to death and the 24-year-old former Ottawa woman was left to fight for her life at sea in a tropical storm.

The melancholy denouement of Myda and her father, Milan, Egrmajer's dream trip played itself out yesterday as Honduran officials recovered his bullet-ridden body from his sailboat, which lay capsized off the Honduran coast.

Egrmajer, 58, and his daughter Myda, 24, had been cruising the Caribbean Sea when bad weather forced them to take shelter in a lagoon near the northern town of Tela on Thursday.

Relaying Myda's harrowing report, Abelino Gomez, head of the country's National Office of Criminal Investigation, told La Prensa newspaper yesterday that after they had anchored there, the Egrmajers were set upon by four men about 6 p.m. Thursday.

She was able to escape injury by hiding inside the boat, but the pirates shot Milan Egrmajer four times, and looted the vessel of food, electronics and money, according to La Prensa.

Myda then managed to frighten the pirates off by firing a flare gun, said her cousin, Eric van Riesen. "She's a brave girl," says van Riesen by phone from St. Catharines, adding that Egrmajer kept no weapons on his yacht.

Myda's ordeal was far from over, though: Alone, and with no previous sailing experience, she endured hours of terror in seas so heavy that, according to Nelson Varela, commander of the naval base of La Ceiba, the Honduran navy did not dare attempt a rescue, La Prensa reported.

Lashing rains and rough surf made rescue impossible, Gomez explained: "On Friday it was impossible to reach the area ... because of bad weather," he told the paper.

Despite a series of frantic 911 calls and Myda's flare on Thursday, no help arrived until Friday morning, when a passing vessel rescued her, taking her to Belize, van Riesen said.

Myda "attempted to pilot the vessel, and motor it toward the ship, but the engines conked out and were starting to smoke, and she started to drift on high seas," said van Riesen, who heard the account from Myda's mother, Willa Wilson, Saturday night.

The vessel dispatched a lifeboat; after the crew had rescued her, "the last they saw (Myda's) ship was heading toward the rocks."

The rescue does raise the question of why a private vessel was able to intervene when the Honduran navy did not, van Riesen says, "We don't know all the circumstances yet, but it's frustrating ... "Here's a girl who has seen her Dad murdered, and spent hours waiting for Honduran officials to rescue her, and they say 'We can't get there because of bad weather.' "

Milan Egrmajer, an electrical engineer, ran a successful business in Ottawa for 20 years before moving to St. Catharines in 2007. He embarked on his dream trip, a cruise along the coast of North America, in July 2008. Myda, a graduate of Colonel By High School, finished a degree in International Development at Trent University earlier this year; she joined her father a few weeks ago.

Jordan Walsh, Canadian consul for Honduras, was present as officials recovered Egrmajer's body, said La Prensa, although Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Laura Markle could not confirm this or any details concerning Myda's return to Canada, citing privacy concerns.

Egrmajer's body is being transferred to the morgue in San Pedro Sula before repatriation, according to La Prensa.

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A Canadian woman who witnessed her father's murder last week was brought safely to Belize on Saturday. According to international media reports, twenty four year old Canadian Myda Elizabeth Egrmajer was visiting her father in Honduras. Her father, fifty five year old Milan Egrmajer has been living on his boat for the past years, and both had been sailing from Utila, Honduras in the direction of Belize. On Thursday however, bad weather apparently forced them to dock at a remote lagoon called El Diamante. Reports indicate that a small boat arrived not long after at the lagoon. Details of what happened are unclear and authorities found Egrmajer's body inside the boat on Friday. He had been shot four times to the chest and abdomen. How his daughter Myda survived remains a mystery to authorities investigating the incident. All they know is that she was rescued and brought to Belize. She arrived onboard the vessel, Tessa PG. Reports are that she was somewhat dehydrated, sun burned and shaken and was taken to Belize Medical Associates for observation. She was accompanied by the Canadian Honorary Council, Patrick Andrews. Myda Egrmajer left Belize yesterday. She is reportedly headed to her mother's home in northern Ontario, Canada.


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Canadian Woman Rescued In Belizean Waters

On Saturday, 24 year old Canadian Myda Egrmajer, 24 was rescued in Belizean waters after she and her father endured a terrible ordeal at sea.

They were attacked by pirates in the Waters of Honduras on Friday - while on their yacht. The father Milan Egrmejer was shot to death during the attack. It is still uncertain as to what happened, but from what we understand, the Egrmejer's decided to camp on a riverbank near the sea last Thursday -and sheltered in a remote lagoon called El Diamante - where boaters regularly overnight. At some point during the night, it is said that four pirates climbed aboard the Egrmjer's Ericson 35 sailing yacht and shot Milan Egrmjer 4 times at close range. Myra - his 24 year old daughter managed to chase off the assailants and piloted the boat - until she met a passing vessel that was heading to Belize. The Belize Coast Guard was first informed on Friday night and told Seven News today that Myda Egrmejer arrived at the English Caye channel around 5 o'clock on Saturday morning.

Lt. Gregory Soberanis, Commander Ops. Bze. Coast Guard
"Approximately 11:45 PM Friday night, we receive information from police control of a incident that had occurred in Honduras waters, reference 2 Canadian nationals. In regards to the coast guard assistance in this entire operation was the fact that the vessel that retrieve one of the individuals was heading towards Belize. The coast guard was ask to board the vessel and confirm that one of the individuals was onboard that vessel. That was how we initially reacted and responded to the situation. Shortly after we receive that information and we receive the name of the vessel that had retrieve one of the individuals I immediate liaise with personnel from the Belize Port authority who track these vessels coming into our waters, we immediately located the tanker, it was a tanker 'Tessa PG' we immediately located it on the tracking system that the Belize Port Authority has and we were able to make contact with the master of that vessel. The location of the vessel was actually between 2-3 hours south of the English Caye channel, so the vessel was already in our waters. I was able to speak with the captain of the vessel who confirm that indeed was onboard the vessel was a young lady who was a Canadian national and the situation that he stated to me was that the young lady and her father was onboard a sailing vessel in Honduras heading towards Panama when they were hijack by robbers, the father was said to have been killed, the young lady violated and they were left adrift at sea where they were later retrieve by the tanker that was bringing them to Belize."

Monica Bodden
"Was the body of the man brought into Belize City?"

Lt. Gregory Soberanis, Commander Ops. Bze. Coast Guard
"No, they say that they were unable to retrieve the body of the father, but they were able to have the young lady come aboard and bring her along with them to Belize."

"The expected time of arrival at the English Caye Channel the Saturday morning was at 5 o' clock that morning, so what we did was we liaise with the police department and we had their personnel along with our quick reaction crew meet the vessel at the English Caye Channel where the vessel was escorting to the port facility at ESSO actually here in Belize City later that morning. At this time the vessel like I said because the incident did not occur Belizean waters it was left adrift in Honduras waters, that's what the captain of the tanker told us."

Milan Egrmajer was a semi retired engineer who had been sailing in Central American waters since 2008.

Myda left the country to return to Canada today. The incident we stress did not occur in Belizean waters�.

Channel 7

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Canadian woman witness the murder of her father by pirates

Sandie Rinaldo

A twenty-four year old Canadian woman whose father was murdered on their yacht on the high seas is back in Canada. The woman, Myda Egrmajer, was brought here by the Belize Coastguard early on Saturday morning after she was rescued by a tanker in Honduran waters. She witnessed the murder of her father by several pirates who stormed their vessel and gunned down Milan Egrmajer. We have first the following report aired today on CTV News in Canada.

Sandie Rinaldo, CTV News

An Ontario woman who reports say witnessed her father's murder aboard his sailboat in Honduras is on her way home. Milan Egrmajer and his daughter Myda had docked their boat to ride out some bad weather when they were attacked by pirates. It is believed Egrmajer was shot four times before his twenty-four year old daughter frightened off the attackers using a flare gun. Milan Egrmajer who is a semi-retired engineer has been sailing since 2008.

Channel 5

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Belize National Coast Guard to the rescue of Canadian Woman

myda egrmajer

As CTV News in Canada reported, the fifty-eight year old sailor was shot four times and his daughter was robbed. Myda was rescued by an oil tanker traveling from Honduras and she was brought to Belize. She was interviewed by local authorities on Saturday and left from the PGIA on Sunday for Canada. News Five's Marion Ali has a report on the rescue mission.

Marion Ali, Reporting

Twenty-four year old Myda Egrmajer landed in Toronto, Canada on Monday and has now moved on to northern Ontario with her mother and brother to mourn the brutal murder of her father.

milan egrmajer

Egrmajer was rescued in Honduran waters by an oil tanker named the Tessa PG that was traveling from Honduras to Belize on Friday night, after pirates accosted her and her father on board their yacht as they weathering a storm in a remote lagoon off the coast of Honduras.

According to Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, the Operations Officer at the Belize National Coast Guard, the father and daughter team were touring the region and had left Guatemala before moving onto Honduras. Their plans would have taken them further south to Panama when the incident occurred. The pirates boarded the vessel unawares to her and robbed and shot Milan four times. Myda later discovered him dead. After the Tessa PG radioed local authorities to inform that they had rescued and were bringing the victim to Belize, the Coast Guard spun into action to offer help.

Lt. Gregory Soberanis, Operatons Officer, BNCG

"Our vessel escorted the tanker through the channel and then further on to Belize City. The expected time of arrival for the port at English Caye Channel was five o'clock Saturday morning. We had our quick reaction crew along with members of the Police Department move to that location, escorted the vessel to port here in Belize City where members of the vessel along with the young lady on board were interviewed by the police department. The young lady was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to where she received further medical attention. "

Marion Ali

"She was injured? Can you tell us?

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

gregory soberanis

"No they just wanted to make sure that she was ok."

After Myda Egrmajer was brought to shore early Saturday morning, she told her story to local authorities.

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

"The young lady in the initial interview was quite shaken and hence the reason she was taken to get medical attention and then thereafter again by the police. She said that everything happened so very quickly that she couldn't recall faces, numbers description of what they had on. Like I said, they were caught by surprise."

But even though she was caught by surprise MydaEgrmajer mustered the courage to scare off the thieves using a flare gun. The incident is one that Lieutenant Soberanis says the local Coast Guard tries its best from happening in Belizean waters.

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

"We can respond to any incident in our maritime spaces. As I mentioned earlier we do have units that are deployed strategically along our coastline and once we respond, we will be able to render aid to victims who are in distress in our sea spaces."

Marion Ali

"And your response will be in a reasonable time."

Lt. Gregory Soberanis

"It will definitely be in a reasonable time."

Marion Ali for News Five.

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Pirates attack Canadians in Honduran waters

[Linked Image] A Canadian woman survived an attack by pirates in Honduran waters, but her father was shot to death by the marauders.

Reportedly, Milan Egrmajer, 55, and Myda Egrmajer, 24, on Thursday night, December 2, 2010, were sailing in the direction of Belize initially, from the Island of Utila, Honduras, before heading for Panama, when an unknown number of armed persons reportedly attacked and boarded the vessel and shot Milan in the chest and abdomen area four times. The intruders reportedly fled the sailing boat when Myda located a flare gun and used it against them.

International media report that Myda and her father had been traveling in the direction of Belize when on Thursday night they decided to dock in a lagoon overnight.

According to the website at, "The details of how the woman managed to escape the attack, which occurred in a remote Honduran lagoon, are still a mystery to the local authorities investigating the crime. The Canadians had been sailing from the Honduran island of Utila in the direction of Belize when they hit bad weather on Thursday, Leonel Sauceda of the Honduran Public Security department told the Canadian Press.

"They wound up docking at a remote lagoon called El Diamante, which is known to boaters in the area as a place to overnight. 'Sometime around 9 p.m. on Thursday,' Sauceda said, 'a small boat apparently arrived at the lagoon. It's not clear what unfolded next, but Milan Egrmajer's body was found inside the boat by authorities on Friday. His body had four bullet wounds in the chest and abdomen'."

It was not until Friday, December 3, 2010, that the Belize Coast Guard was alerted about the incident and informed by personnel on a tanker named Tessa PG that they were in fact bringing the survivor, Myda, into Belize territory.

Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, Operations Officer for the Belize Coast Guard, told us in an interview today that at approximately 11:45 p.m. Friday night they "received information from police control of an incident that occurred in Honduras waters referencing two Canadian nationals".

"In regards to the [Belize] Coast Guard's assistance in this entire operation", he said, "the fact is that the vessel that retrieved one of the individuals [the survivor, Myda] was heading toward Belize. The [Belize] Coast Guard was asked to board the vessel [Tessa PG] and to confirm that the individual was on board that vessel, which is how we initially responded to the situation."

According to Soberanis, neither the body of Milan nor his vessel was ever brought into Belize waters, only his daughter, Myda.

"I was able to speak to the captain of the tanker, who confirmed that indeed on board his tanker was a lady who is a Canadian national, and the situation that he stated to me was that the young lady and her father were on a sailing vessel heading toward Panama when they were hijacked by robbers.

"The father is said to have been killed, the young lady violated, and they were left adrift at sea where they were later retrieved by the tanker who brought them to Belize," Soberanis told us.

Myda arrived in Belize around 5:00 a.m., and was immediately taken to receive medical attention; the results of medical tests and information on her medical state were not divulged, and she is said to have departed Belize today en route to Canada.

On Milan's website, which was last updated on April 15, 2010, he documents his sailing adventures and also advertises his consulting business, ECI, Egrmajer's Consulting Incorporated, which he operated from off his sailboat.

On this website, his vessel is named as Adena, and is described as a "1977 Ericson 35 Mark II sailboat."

Milan listed on this website his present and previous travels, which included an expedition from Marathon, FL, to Caye Caulker, Belize, on December 20, 2009; from Caye Caulker, Belize to Rio Dulce, Guatemala, and his last update, which was on April 15, 2010, from Rio Dulce to La Ceiba, Honduras.

Milan seemed to be a lover of the open seas, because he stated in his online journal that, "To me, water is a magnet. From the time I took my first steps, these steps were towards the nearest puddle. Springtime would find me with a long stick in my hand directing the run-off. Swimming started when I first fell in the lake.

"As I reflect, the greatest moments and memories include water - watching the coloured Niagara waterfalls, cooling off in the hot summer rain, staring into the watery depths while paddling canoes, watching romantic sunsets across an orange lake and just gazing past the horizon wondering what was out there that I could not see, and only imagine. It is this magnetism that has spun this sailing adventure. Trying to find out what lies beyond that horizon?"

Soberanis explained that the frequency of criminal activities on the waters has lately been on the rise and to counteract the danger posed to travelers, the Belize Coast Guard is in the process of receiving more equipment so as to effectively and efficiently apprehend these criminal elements.

"More and more in our own territorial waters we've seen over the past couple of months where there has definitely been an increase in coastal piracy; we've seen an increase in vessel theft, and we've seen an increase in engine theft.

"And more and more it's becoming a concern for us. Hence the reason we are trying to have mariners be aware, for them to be more vigilant, in the security of their vessels, so it is definitely a threat for us here in Belize. It is one that mariners, as well as the coast guard, must be vigilant about in our waters.

"It's definitely orchestrated, it's not a one-man thing. It is definitely a group of individuals organizing these hits, and they are becoming very good at it. As it relates to the coast guard, we continue to monitor and patrol our sea spaces 24 hours a day. We have patrol units that are deployed strategically along our coast line to deter such activities,"explained Soberanis.

On Sunday, May 9, 2010, a report of two Belizean men, brothers, Joseph Garbutt, 37, and Earl Garbutt, 27, going missing after they had left en route to Roatan, Honduras, with the purpose of purchasing a vessel, has left the Garbutt family with more questions than answers.

Referring to the missing Garbutt brothers, Soberanis informed us that "those individuals were never found." Their 32-foot blue vessel named Rhea has also not been recovered.


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More reports on the Killing of Canadian sailor, Milan Egrmajer

Milan Egrmajer

Honduran authorities still have no suspects for Thursday night's grisly killing of fifty-five year old Milan Egrmajer. The Canadian sailor was killed on his private yacht while he and his daughter, twenty four year old Myda sheltered from a bad storm in a lagoon off the coast of Honduras. Myda has since travelled to northern Ontario where she is said to be putting on a brave face as she deals with the trauma of her father's murder. His body was discovered inside the boat by Honduran authorities on Friday, after she managed to ward off the attackers using a flare gun. The occupants of the Tessa PG oil tanker that was leaving Honduras for Belize picked up the distraught young woman and brought her to shore here where local authorities took a statement from her. She departed the country on Sunday. The story has been in the headlines in Canada since Saturday and here's what CTV reports.

{Report from CTV News in Canada�}

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Reporter Editorial
by Harry Lawrence

It has long been suspected but never proved that the two Belizean men, Earl and Joseph Garbutt lost at sea on or near May 10, 2010 had been attacked and killed by pirates operating out of the Bay of Honduras. Their bodies were never found, and their boat with its outboard motors disappeared without a trace.

Today we have confirmation from a survivor, 24 year old Myda Egrmajer of Canada, that the pirates who attacked their boat at Laguna Diamante in Honduras shot and killed her Dad, but spared her life after they had violated her.

We seem to have a situation developing in our southern waters which has great potential for danger.

We don't know whether there is one pirate group or several groups operating, but this one thing we do know: that unless we clear our southern waters of this pestilence, there will be more pirates and more pirate attacks.

The time to get rid of the vermin is now!

It will take joint action between the governments of Belize, Honduras and Guatemala to accomplish this -- maybe with some input from the United States Southern Command and the Royal Navy which occasionally has ships in our area.

We can learn something from the lessons of Somalia. The pirate threat was ignored for too long, and the pirate force became more numerous, more successful, and more enterprising. Today it is costing a thousand times more to keep the sea lanes safe for international shipping than it would have cost ten year ago, when the problem first took shape.

The practice of piracy is perhaps as old as prostitution itself. Like prostitution, piracy is difficult to dislodge once it takes hold. In Somalia the pirates have a friendly land base that they can come back to. They have no such friendly land base in Belize or Honduras or Guatemala, and that should make it easier for law enforcement.

But we have to understand that pirates operate under a different set of standards that the governments of our time. With pirates you get no fair trial.They have no compunction about killing people on the spot. They are successful because they are ruthless.

One of the first things Belize needs to do is to make sure that pirates are not camping out on any of our cayes. This will mean periodic Coast Guard inspection of all cayes, a strict accounting for all fishermen in the area and a no-tolerance law for non-Belizean fishermen. Honduras and Guatemala should be persuaded to adopt the same measures to deny safe haven to pirates.

We should also be aware that pirates today won't dress or show themselves as pirates. They will look like ordinary fisher-folk. If they are carrying rifles or heavy calibre guns they should be arrested and brought to trial.

If we take prompt and effective action against this growing threat today, we will be able to save ourselves a lot of trouble and headaches tomorrow.

The Reporter

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That is a good and prophetic story. We should all remember that history will repeat itself if we don't learn by our mistakes.

Here in Belize we have been a "live and let live" society, turning the other cheek and merely looking away. "I didn't see anything" has now resulted in established gangs, blatant prostitution and drug dealing throughout the country, daring daylight robberies and drive by shootings and we are saying "what we can do about this?"

I don't think that we are a lost cause, but as the criminals are ruthless I am afraid that we need to be united and ruthless too.

Let's ALL do our little part in cleaning up our streets, our seas, our home.

This can be the jewel of Caribbean, or haven for bad guys - which path will we choose?

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