Who will be the next Chief Justice? That’s the question that is being tossed around for months since the departure of the former Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh and the temporary appointment of Justice Samuel Awich as acting CJ. We don’t know the answer, but we do know who is not likely in line, and that would be Justice Manuel Sosa. We say that because there is information that Government intends to extend the Justice’s tenure on the Appeals Court for many more years. Justice Sosa’s appointment is coming to an end when he turns sixty-two in December so GOB is in the process of renewing that appointment for thirteen more years until the Judge reaches the age of seventy-five. There are only two other judges in the Appeals Court, Justices Denys Barrow and Dennis Morrison. Two other Appeals Court Judges – Justice Elliot Mottley and Boyd Carey departed under less than ideal circumstances. Justice Mottley’s term was unilaterally reduced, which caused him to resign and Justice Carey was asked to leave before he had to.

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