San Pedro Catholic Church holds Christmas Bazaar and Procession of the Lady of Guadalupe

The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church held its annual Christmas Bazaar and Serenata to the Virgen de Guadalupe, on Saturday December 4th. Hundreds of parishioners and supporters gathered on the church grounds and the streets bordering.
There were much to eat and drink, games and activities for the entire family. One aim of the Bazaar was to raise much needed funds for renovations and replacement of the chairs inside the church. There is already a demo bench and the cost for each is Bze$800.00. The Church is asking the public and its parishioners for donations to get the thirty chairs needed.
Attendees were entertained by Rompe Raja and Mr. Will Nuņez
Honoring la "Virgen de la Guadalupe, Lady of Guadalupe", patron saint of the Americas; was a major part of the celebrations on Saturday night as well. Local artists gathered at the central park to serenade the Lady of Guadalupe. Offering their gratitude to the Saint for protection through the outgoing year and asking for protection for the comping year; Regina Brown, Sr. Severo Guerrero 1st, Eline Palma, Velma Melendez, Yoli Aguilar, David Aguilar, Pawny Arceo, Lily Nunez, Javier el mariachi, Eva Acosta were on hand to share their talents and through poetry, invocation and serenading. Singing a Homage was Alexi Williams and her brother Javier Williams Jr.
On Sunday, Parishioners gathered for the annual Procession of the Virgen de Guadelupe around the streets of San Pedro at 5:30pm, followed by the 7:00pm mass.