Some Belize City streets in deplorable condition are due for an overhaul by a project to be carried out by the Ministry of Works through the South Side Poverty Alleviation Project.

Minister of Work Anthony “Boots” Martinez announced a street improvement program, which he described as “massive”, scheduled to come onstream next February.

Martinez pointed to some good work already undertaken by his ministry, including Albert Street, Regent Street, Water Lane, St. Joseph Street, and Orange Street.

Now work will begin to improve other streets in need of attention.

This is good news for the residents of Jane Usher Boulevard and other areas deplorable condition.

Many jobs are also expected to be created by these street works.

The City Street Project will be funded by the Urban Rejuvenation Fund; and when this money is spent, Phase Two of the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project will kick in.

The entire length of Central American Boulevard will be paved with hot mix. Faber’s Road will be refurbished and Neal’s Penn Road, Ben Bow Street, Amara Avenue and several others will be paved.

The Government of Belize is setting aside some $22 million, which is being made available to Belize through the OPEC Fund.

The Reporter