Gales point residents could be without running water this Christmas. That's because over the weekend thieves ruthlessly looted the village's water system station which is 5 miles from the village.

Today the chairman of the water board told us more:…

Kevin Andrewin, Chairman Gales Point Water Board
"We don't have any water at all in the community. The damage that they did was that they took out all the electrical parts and they took out half of the generator and only leave a little part there. They make an attempt to take out the pump also. That person or persons looks like they know exactly what they are doing, it looks like they are familiar with the installment of these equipment especially the electrical parts. Right now the community is out of water. We don't have a water system at this time. What we are doing is calling on the Prime Minister and the area representative Hon. Michael Hutchison to see if we can maybe work with the Belize water service to get the old pump fix. If we get the old pump fix then we could operate the old water system until the police department do an investigation to what happen. We have children of 4-5 years old who have to go like 5 miles with bucket out of the village on bicycle to get water from the creek, we don't know if this water is really safe. From hurricane this is the worst disaster because at least people live from hurricane but they cannot live without water. This is the most deadly disaster that has hit Gales point. The person that do things like that I know they must have children and a heart please to have 500 people out of water , that is really serious, I don't think God will forgive you unless you try to return stuff like that back."

According to Andrewin, the old system needs some bushings to be operational - and he called on his area representative Michael Hutchinson for assistance….

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