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The San Pedro Dance Company put on another great show as part of its annual Christmas Show extravaganza. As usual this show brings a fresh and exciting new repertoire and this year was no exception. There were classical and ballet dances with the theme- “The Story of Reina Coral” by renowned choreographer Rosita Baltazar. And then there were the spicy modern selections like Lambada, Samba, and even the banda songs like La Quebradita presented by new choreographer of the Company, Alexander of Panama. Bringing a new flavor to the show were songs presented by budding artists, Solani Graniel and Neslen Rivero who were fantastic. They sang as duets and soloists and were enthusiastically received by the lively audience at Paradise Theatre. It was an excellent show as only the Dance Company knows how to, except that this year there was not the usual Christmas flavor.

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