Representatives of the Taiwan Technical Mission today signed a contract with the La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited, to carry out a pilot project in papaya exportation with small farmers in the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts. The project will be carried out through an ICDF-Taiwan small farmer loan program to continue assisting more development in the papaya industry with more benefits to small farmers. The small farmer loan program will provide a loan amount of 230 thousand dollars for a period of 28 months with a 10% interest rate. The La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited will be the local financier to provide the loan to the small farmers to assist with equipment, materials and operating costs including some labour costs. Borrowers of the loan will be Little Belize Farmer Group and Papaya Growers Group. The project has established an excellent level of operating standards; consequently, the farmers will benefit greatly from the techniques of the Taiwan Technical Mission. The Taiwan Technical Mission along with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will be providing technical guidance in papaya planting to increase productivity and ensure sustainability. Through the project it is hoped that the improved operations of the farmers will result in excellent quality that will allow them to penetrate the local market while supplying to the exporters thus increasing their income.