In the city's tough neighborhoods, they call the police Babylon - but how about when Babylon played Santa today? That's what happened when the Police Department went on its fifth annual Christmas Hamper give-away in poor areas of the city.

This year - with the city still recovering from the hurricane - emphasis was placed on food, and the Officer in charge of Community Policing, Dehanne Williams, said it will bring Christmas to many less fortunate families:

W/Sgt. Dehanne Williams, Community Policing Unit
"We usually do this on an yearly basis during the Christmas holidays to give under privilege families who we believe wouldn't be seeing Christmas - a full meal, the police officers from the unit identify these families within their zone when they do their home visits. Since Hurricane Richard disaster, the need for the community is more greater than last year, however due to the economic standard that the business community are complaining about, we did not get as much donation as we did for the past years because normally we would have toys, but this year we decide because if the dire need, we decide to focus mostly on food so for those people who are still going the effect of Hurricane Richard we hope that we would be able to at least assist them for the Christmas holiday. These hampers have flour, rice, sugar, beans, tin meats, cleaning detergents, soap powder, Clorox, shampoo, powder, tooth brush, Colgate and for the first time we will be distributing chicken, we don't normally distribute chicken but this is our first time. That is how much the community wants to help those. Because even though we were talking about our Christmas campaign, the community members were focusing on those who have been affected by Hurricane Richard so they donated the chicken. "

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