Mexico’s outgoing ambassador to Belize Luis Lopez Moreno today held at working breakfast with media workers and journalists in Belize City. The purpose of the ninety-minute long event, which was held at the Chateau Caribbean Hotel was primarily to say thanks to the Belizean media for the close working relationship during the three years of his tenure. Ambassador Moreno told Love News that during his posting in Belize he was able to accomplish about ninety five percent of his agenda and this he credits to a robust relationship with the media.

Ambassador Luis Lopez Moreno

“The main challenges were to help to communicate the work of the Embassy to the public and much of the mission we accomplished. The cultural exchanges, starting with the bilateral cultural relationship and the number of scholarship that we are now providing to Belize. One of the more important things was the border affairs and we believe now one of the main activities we were doing with the Government of Belize was to open the new bridge. That is one of the problems that we will change in the kind of communications that we had with the old borders. We believe one of the main challenges we had at the Mexican Embassy was trying to communicate to the public our work and the position we had.”

One of the projects that will come on stream just as the new ambassador will be taking office is the opening of the new bridge at the Belize-Mexico border. Ambassador Moreno says that should go a long way in facilitating travels, not only for Belizeans going to Chetumal; but for Mexicans coming to Belize and especially the Corozal Free Zone.

Ambassador Luis Lopez Moreno

“Well we had a special meeting two weeks ago and we believe that working with Belizean authorities we will open the bridge in March 2011. In the meantime we will open a new gate at the border with the old bridge and changing everything about the issue of the border crossing card that we have in place. We believe that now the process is fast. The new bridge will open new opportunities to solve many of the problems that we are having at the bridge now with the issue of new border crossing cards that we have in place. Now if somebody is going to the border the process may take 15 to 18 minutes. When we open the new gate we have two gates to enter into Mexico at the Customs area and that process will get down the time for the people to cross the bridge during rush hours on Saturdays and on Sundays.”

During the informal discussions, Ambassador Moreno noted that on a daily basis, about three thousand Belizeans cross the border into Mexico; while a slightly higher number of Mexicans make the trip south into Belize. And while Luis Lopez Moreno now heads to Port au Prince for a new appointment as Mexico’s ambassador to Haiti, he is not the only diplomat that will be bidding farewell to Belize. The head of the Press and Border agency Marcelino Miranda is also at the end of his three year tenure in Belize. The transition phase has already begun and a new officer is already understudying Miranda to ensure a smooth transfer of duties. That officer, who was introduced to journalists this morning, is Esther Montalvo, as explained by ambassador Moreno.

Ambassador Luis Lopez Moreno

“We will have a new press secretary that is Esther Montalvo and the new Deputy Chief of Mission Hector Peralta will be in charge of the office for three months until the arrival of the new ambassador that I expect to arrive in April. We are now ending the tour of duty of many of the persons at the embassy but we will have the same kind of personnel in the new regime that is coming.”