The Opposition People’s United Party begins its conventions to elect the thirty-one standard bearers to contest the upcoming General Elections in 2013. Yesterday Florencio Marin Junior was endorsed as Standard Bearer for Corozal Southeast. PUP Chairman, Henry Usher told Love News more.

Henry Usher; Chairman, People’s United Party 

“We have seen a lot of applications from the various constituencies. All these persons who applied will have to go through a process of being interviewed by the order of distinguished service, which is the highest arm or the People’s United Party. That group is chaired by Mr. Belisario Carballo. Following that interview if there are more than one candidates in a constituency on the date of the convention is agreed to with the local executive and we go to the convention. If there is there is only one candidate coming out that meeting them of course there will be an endorsement convention. We have seen a lot of applications and we are in the process of starting to put together a calendar for when we will have all the conventions. Like I said, we have one this Saturday and we have three more scheduled for this month. It is just a matter of getting the interviews over with right now.”

Usher adds that they are confident about a victory in 2013.

Henry Usher

“Well we are confident that that the country is ready to embrace the People’s United Part and the Vision and leadership that we will bring as the next government. I believe that just the fact that so many people are applying to be candidates is a good sign that the party is alive, the party is ready and the party is going to form the next government. I think we have gone through a type of rejuvenation in the last few years, we have a dynamic leader the Honorable John Briceno and we have a good national executive team. This team is working together to ensure that the PUP sticks to the philosophy of serving the people and also put together a credible plan to present to the voters come election day. I am very confident that the People’s United Party will win the next election. The candidates that are coming forward are very credible people. The public is ready to embrace a new vision for the country and the response had been good. I must say that going village to village countrywide we have had big response from the voters. They want to see us come together as we usually do under the blue machine and put forward a creditable plan to take to the next election.”

Another convention is scheduled for this Saturday at Camalote Village where Julius Espat will be endorsed as Standard Bearer Cayo South.