There is never a dull moment in the transportation industry. Recently, National Transport went into receivership and bus operators are fighting over routes. But wait… there’s more; even employees from the different companies are bucking heads. A Belize Metro bus driver and his conductor spent the night in lockdown and were criminally charged today following a confrontation with another driver from Lopez Shuttle on Monday. Paul Ferguson from Lopez’ claims that he was on Regent Street when he noticed a Metro Bus blocking the road. Ferguson says he went to ask the traffic officer to move the bus, but the driver, Russell Santiago, was leaving and drove extremely close to Ferguson.

Robert Usher

That led to an argument in which Santiago allegedly pulled a knife at him and he as he was walking away, the conductor Robert Usher, approached him with an ice pick in his hand. Ferguson claims Usher also told him “I wah buss open yoh face and I wah shoot yoh in front ah di police” As a result, both men were arraigned for Aggravated Assault while Usher was additionally charged with Threatening Words. They pleaded not guilty and were able to meet bail of One thousand five hundred dollars each by midday. The case was adjourned until March first.

Meanwhile, Ferguson was also arrested this afternoon. Before heading to the station, he came to Channel Five in his bus, under police escort, to inform us that he was being detained pending investigation and possible charges.

Channel 5