Last night we showed you Steven Okeke's popular fresh juice business - but not far from his headquarters there's a juiceman with a different but equally interesting business model. Call it a direct marketing - but Everett Flowers takes his product directly to the streets.

He pulled us over for a taste test today:.

Monica Bodden Reporting
His icebox filled with fresh juices is set on this cart - that is parked at the pedestrian ramp on Central American Boulevard.

Many of you might be familiar with Everett Flowers - the man who is known for making fresh - ALL NATURAL juices.

He has been doing business here for the last year and a half - and from what we saw today - he is quite popular in the juice business.

Everet Flowers - Juice Man
"I was deported from the United States and I came here with nothing to do so I just ask the Lord for some direction in doing something and he gave me this business to do and I started it ever since. Here is where I started and I am still here."

Surprisingly Flowers had no experience in juice making - but says it came with time.

Everet Flowers - Juice Man
"I never had an idea, I know a little bit about chemistry but I never thought of doing juices at this level but after some time doing research I got more into it and realize what it does to the body and to bring natural juice to the people of Belize is what's really important because people are getting diabetes and different sickness and stuff and I plan to come with different juice that will help with those things, no water, no sugar and it will stay that way until I can't go no more but my whole purpose of doing juices is to bring it natural, stay away from the sugar, the water, any substance that will destroy the body."

They are a wide variety of flavors - including the his newly made cucumber juice.

Everet Flowers - Juice Man
"Right now you can get cucumber, orange, grapefruit, ginger and in the future you will get other juices as well as I continue to work on a better juice. The cucumber is $2.50, the carrots will be $3.00 and the orange and grapefruit is $2.00."

Over a hundred bottles of juices a day are sold by Flowers. Which clearly states, business is not so bad.

Everet Flowers - Juice Man
"You just got to do the mathematics and before you bring something to the table and then you find out what's going to be the cost then you present it but you just don't do it because even though you are doing it to help people you got to make sure you make something from it and that's what I do."

And with Steven Okeke's juice shop right around the corner from Flower's juice cart - he says that doesn't change anything. In fact, he welcomes competition.

Everet Flowers - Juice Man
"I welcome the competition. Competition is just like running in marathon, it keeps you in shape, that's what it does but I have never tasted his juice so I can't comment on it but I welcome the competition."

Flowers is working at a pedestrian cross walk right now but wants to set up his own storefront where he'll sell juices.

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