You and I know, nobody has to tell us, Carnival would never pull this s— in Mexico that they’re now forcing on Belizean tender owners in Belize. That’s because there’s a nation-state north of us, and they stand together – Mexico for Mexicans.

Let’s face it: every nation has its traitors. The difference in Belize is that our traitors come with smiling faces, they operate in the highest of places, and they never, ever visit jail spaces. Belize is not yet a nation. We have to quit fooling ourselves.

Every day on the PUP radio station their spokesmen bemoan all the abuse, victimization and selfishness coming out of the ruling UDP. It may be that these PUP spokesmen are too young to know that the UDP learned from the best: they learned from the PUP. There was no organization which took as much “chance” on non-members and non-supporters as the PUP did in the 1960s and 1970s. This is not to excuse the UDP, for two wrongs do not make a right.

We mention what happened in the 1960s and 1970s when the PUP was ruling because we have to try to figure out what happened to the Belizean dream of a nation-state. What’s the use of being a nation if non-nationals have more rights here than we do? What’s the sense of flying a flag if you don’t get any protection from it?

For 23 round years, from 1961 to 1984, the PUP enjoyed absolute domestic power in British Honduras/Belize. Rt. Hon. George C. Price led Belize to self-government in 1964 and independence in 1981. Everyone in the PUP said Mr. Price was a saint, because he wasn’t stealing any public funds. But Mr. Price had a flaw which was just as serious as the love of money: he loved power. And because he loved power, the party vehicle through which he had achieved personal power appeared to become more important to him than the nation-state. The classic example of this was when you attempted to murder opponents of the PUP, you became a “soldier of the revolution.” More than that, you were inducted into the PUP’s order of distinguished service.

Mr. Price raised the stakes and he raised the bar in Belizean politics. He became the “Father of the Nation.” But, it is now plain to be seen – Belize is a nation without resolution. We Belizeans sell out each other and we sell out our national patrimony. In these acts of treachery, we are protected and condoned by whichever is the ruling political party. To add insult to injury, when the traitors get rich selling out Belize and Belizeans, they bank and spend their legal but unscrupulous gains in foreign countries. Nothing Belizean is good enough for them.

Some of them say this is just globalism. Well, it ain’t working for Belizean you and Belizean me down here in the streets. It ain’t working in the sea between the City and the tourist ships out there. Maybe that’s why The Man said our borders were “artificial.” In the words of the late, great Smokey Joe – “money talks.”

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the animals staged a rebellion against the cruel farmer who owned and ran the place – Farmer Jones. The rebellion was successful, but after a while the pigs who were the leaders of the rebellion, Napoleon and Snowball, began to behave the way Farmer Jones had behaved. Part of the propaganda campaign of the animals during the rebellion had been, “Four legs good, two legs bad.” After Napoleon and Snowball had been in power for a while, one day they suddenly began walking on two legs. Hmmm.

Now let us, for argument’s sake, say that today’s ruling UDP is not a roots and nationalistic Belizean party. Is the PUP? Hmmm.