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Just a month ago butane prices increased a whopping $8.00 for the 100lb cylinder and about two weeks ago the price of fuel went up as well, and now taxi fares on La Isla Bonita increased??? After getting several complaints by concerned residents about the taxi fare going up, we contacted Mr. Raul Gonzalez of the Taxi Federation to clear things up.

According to Mr. Gonzalez, the taxi federation had made a price list about six years ago but it was never revised by the San Pedro Town Council. After having met with the Town Council this past week to discuss the taxi fares for going up north, the price list was finally revised and the fare for transportation to North Ambergris (across the bridge) was added to the list.

“Taxi drivers have been lenient on locals and have been charging them $5.00 on short runs and $8 to $10 on longer runs,” commented Mr. Gonzalez. “Taxi fares at night are increased a bit more depending on the distance and how many passengers are on board. With the price list that has been given to all taxi drivers to display at all times, locals will still be given discounts based on the taxi drivers discretion.”

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