San Pedro High has been invited to participate in a theatrical project in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles harbour College. Two of our students have been chosen along with a chaperone to attend this project in June 2011. We are asking your help in assisting to raise funds for these students and teacher traveling.

Below is an invitation letter so you can read about this project. We would greatly appreciate your help.

Emil Vasquez and Conchita Flota,

We are writing to invite Ismael Kay and Emilie Gomez to our student exchange which will be held between June 3rd and June 11th, 2011. Students from different parts of the world will gather at Los Angeles Harbor College to work on the theatrical production of OUR WORLD V which deals with environmental issues.

Students and staff from the various schools will work on other theatrical projects as well. The itinerary will include fun activities like tours of Los Angeles and Hollywood, Disneyland, shopping, and barbeques. Some people come for the entire time and some people come for a few days. We are willing to fund much of the expenses for Ishmael and Emily but are hoping that your school and/or other organizations in San Pedro will be able to finance some of this exchange. We believe that this could be an ongoing exchange that would hold great educational value for all. Because Emily and Ishmael are under the age of 18, it would be most comfortable if an adult could accompany them.

For the purpose of organization on your part and ours, we hope to hear from you soon.

Larry and Debbie Heimgartner
Theatre Arts Department
Los Angeles Harbor College

CONTACT Conchita Flota
San Pedro High School
San Pedro Town

email address: [email protected]
phone number: 011-501-226-2045 (school number)

This is a project that we really want to make happen. Thank you.