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Remembering Mr. Edgar Gegg

Ambergris Today sympathizes with the Gegg Family and salutes a man of many faces. It is with a sense of great loss yet pride and honor that we remember Mr. Edgar Bally Gegg who passed away on January 11, only 16 days before his 100th birthday.

Sanpedranos remember Mr. Gegg since the 1960’s when he used to run a fine store, The Vogue Ltd, in Belize City. A few store owners in San Pedro used to travel to the city and at The Vogue they were personally welcome and attended by Mr. Gegg who easily became their friend. He certainly gave them a lot of goods on credit and never did rush anyone into making payments. Folks from San Pedro recall him as always smiling, joking, generous, honest and upright. Mr. Gegg travelled to San Pedro once in a while especially during Easter Break, and he made sure he visited his many friends and clients, bringing gifts to all of them.

Mr. Gegg will be missed and long remembered by the church, schools, families, and the nation of Belize. He was an ever active person in all church affairs including raising funds for church renovations. He is attributed the honors of being the founder of the ever popular fairs or bazaars. He organized successful fairs for his Alma Mater, Saint John’s College and later on for Holy Redeemer, St. Joseph, St. Ignatius, and Pallotti High, raising thousands of dollars for the education of the nation’s children. His legacy continues with most schools and churches to this day.

Interestingly, Mr. Gegg featured a role in the movie filmed in 1980 in Belize, Dogs of War. It is a movie about mercenaries hired to oust a dictator in the African nation of Zangaro. Edgar was able to rub shoulders with celebrity actors like Christopher Walken and Tom Berringer among others and even in this way helped to promote Belize internationally. In this movie the mental hospital of Belize right by the shores of the Barracks was transformed into a jail and then blown up for effects in the war. There are scenes across the Belize swing Bridge which is the longest manually swung bridge in the world.

Though never in politics directly, Mr. Gegg was often among government leaders in official government functions. When the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II visited Belize, he was among the few invited guests to shake hands with the Queen.

To truly give credit to the much celebrated life of Mr. Edgar Bally Gegg, we would need to write an entire book, which I am sure is going to happen some day soon. For now Twenty Five Years Ago says “adios” to a great man who lived a great life and did touch the lives of Sanpedranos inclusively. So long “buen amigo”.

By Angel Nuñez for the Ambergris Today

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It is with profound sadness that we learn the passing away of Mr. Edgar Gegg, dad of our friends David Gegg and Angela Gegg. We post this flashback for his many Sanpedrano friends who had personal dealings with Mr. Gegg. He was the owner of a prestigious store, The Vogue, located at the bridge foot on north side Belize City. Sanpedrano friends used to get products from The Vogue on Credit and he was always so generous in allowing unlimited them time to make payments. In this Flashback Mr. Gegg gets to meet Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England on her first visit to Belize. Other celebrities in this flashback include, the late Sir Barry Bowen and George Price when he was Premier of Belize. More on Mr. Gegg in the column Twenty Five Years Ago.


Eulogy of Edgar Gegg by his son, Francis Gegg
The Life of Edgar Gilbert Napier Gegg
January 28, 1911 - January 12, 2011
Belize, Central America