The Department of the Environment continues working on a Sewage Needs Assessment project. The initiative was started two years ago to address pollution management in the Placencia and Caye Caulker communities. The department has been seeking funding to finance the assessments and has been successful for the Placencia project which has advanced significantly. The department is now looking for funds to finance the assessments at Caye Caulker. Chief Environmental Officer at the Department, Martin Alegria told Love News more about the project.

Martin Alegria – Chief Environmental Officer

“We are starting to gather data as you know for a project proposal you need to put in data to justify. What we have been doing, we successfully got some small funding, twenty, twenty five thousand US dollars to do a one year assessment of the water quality both on land and on the surrounding areas of Caye Caulker. We started to do the actual sampling, analysis of the data as well a few months ago where we took some preliminary data. We are now at the stage where we are wanting to consult with the general public in Caye Caulker to let them know what the whole initiative is all about and what our preliminary findings are in order for them to be informed and sensitize and to help us to complete this more strongly in order to have something for us to complete step two of this undertaking. Hopefully in the future to have a sewerage system in Caye Caulker similar to what we have succeed in catalysing in the Placencia area."

The public forum will be held next week in Caye Caulker. Alegria says the public can call in to the department to report issues on environmental management.