A Traffic Control Management Board has been formed in Orange Walk to address the issuance of taxi licence and other concerns relating to taxi activity in this municipality. With 65 unionized operators in town some of whom operate what is called the dollar taxi, the taxi business has become somewhat a survival of the fittest. The dollar taxi gets the bulk of their business travelling from Queen Victoria Avenue to Trial Farm Village charging its customers $1. Member of the Traffic Control Management Board Roberto Novelo told us today that pick up and drop of zones will now be put into effect for the dollar taxi to create a smoother flow of traffic in the centre of town.

Roberto Novelo – Member, Traffic Control Management Board

“The board is not there to stop the dollar taxi completely we are just trying to regulate. The first meeting the board had when it was formed on January 5, 2011 we set out some guidelines, the guidelines was the requirement and also some dropping off zone and picking up zone. The dropping off zone could be anywhere in town but the picking up zone we have already specified an area, from the light by the fire station to Social Security building so that means that the dollar taxi will not be allowed to pick up anybody in that area. They can drop off anybody any part in town but picking up that is one area that we specified and we already agreed on that. That will also e entail that we will need to erect some signs so the dollar taxi understand you can’t pick up anyone her and also let the public know what is happening.”

New taxi operators will also need to meet specified requirements: be a member of a taxi union, the vehicle must be registered to the operator, a current police record must be presented and a proper parking space must be identified. The new board is chaired by Orange Walk mayor Philip De la Fuente and has the representation of the Orange Walk Town Council, Transport Department , the Orange Walk Taxi Federation , a non federation member and a member of the community.