Final preparations are being made for the celebration of the one hundred and sixteenth anniversary of the declaration of Punta Gorda as a town.  The municipalities Town Council in collaboration with the Battle of the Drums Secretariat has organized an all-day fair to be held on Saturday of next week at the P.G. Central Park. The historic milestone will be celebrated with the theme: “Punta Gorda-Enjoying its Diversity; Celebrating its History.  Mayor of Punta Gorda Floyd Lino told Love News about the objectives of the celebration and what can be expected at the anniversary event. 

Floyd Lino - Mayor of Punta Gorda

“We celebrate the Anniversary of the date P.G became a town, which was 21st January 1895. To highlight the development of P.G. as a Municipality , to showcase P.G Town as the diverse and multicultural community that it is , to spurn external interest in P.G Town and promote P.G Town as a destination where opportunities exist, and finally to promote economic activity within our Municipality. The celebration kicks off at 9am with the official ceremonies. Thereafter, a massive Fair will be held at Central Park. 

Mayor Lino is calling on all Belizeans to join the people of Punta Gorda in celebrating this important milestone in the town’s development.”

The day will be fun filled with entertainment from all Cultural groups, Musical Cultural groups and Schools in town. There will also be display Booths, displaying various aspects of life and history of Punta Gorda Town. The atmosphere will be filled with mouth watering aroma coming from the many food booths, selling various cultural dishes. The crowd will also be entertained with games of chance and contests like coconut husking corn tortilla flattening, hudut eating, beer drinking and many more. I invite each and every one of you to come out to P.G Day, Saturday 29th January, to celebrate with us. Darius Avila from the Battle of the Drums Secretariat says that the day’s activities will culminate with huge cultural presentation.

Darius Avila from the Battle of the Drums Secretariat.

To complete the days’ activities, we will be treated to the pulsating sounds of Paranda music , at the second annual Paul Nabor Birthday Bash at the Sporting Complex, commencing at 7 pm. Then we invite the general Public to come and join the calm, relaxing and welcoming  atmosphere of P.G Town while enjoying its and celebrating  our History.”