A story writing workshop was held over the weekend in the Cayo District.  We get the details in this report from Kenrick Francisco in San Ignacio town.


“Writing is an activity that continues to pose challenges to students throughout the various educational stratus schools within the country. Institutions however, continue to tap into resources to mitigate or arrest this situation through various intervention methods. Such will be reason for collaborative efforts between Sacred Heart Junior College and Literacy Outreach Belize, who held a Story Writing Workshop on Saturday January 22nd, at Sacred Heart College. The workshop catered to teachers and the Education Students, especially those teaching standard four through six as well as First Form. The Workshop was facilitated by Miss Christin Pedemonte, founder of Literacy outreach Belize, and also a professional Story Teller, actor from New York City. The Work Shop included hands on basic Story Writing activities and techniques and focused on Belizean Character stories and legends to be used to teach Writing Techniques, and preserve Belizean Culture. According to Miss Pedemonte, her motivation to facilitate the Workshop, hinged on her desire to share enthusiasm for Creative Writing and a desire to preserve Belizean Culture, which is rich and diverse. She added that connecting Culture through Stories is a unique method of creating understanding which will translate into the desire to write. According to coordinator of the workshop Miss Janine Quiroz, she stated that the rationale for the Work Shop was to provide teachers with creative and structured ways of teaching Creative Writing, while using Belizean Legends as motivating tools to remain hopeful that writing will become a more enjoyable venture. The 48 participants paid a recession price of ten Belize dollars per person, and received valuable materials to be used in their Classrooms. Reporting for Love News, Kenrick Francisco, San Ignacio.