Belize will celebrate thirty years of independence this year and the National Celebrations Commission hopes to commemorate it in a memorable way.

It's called a "Faces of Belize" Campaign, where they're looking for six Belizeans born in 1981, one from each district, who epitomize the true meaning and qualities of Belize.

Shari Williams, NICH Communications Officer told us more:

Shari Williams, NICH Communicatins Officer
"What we have decided is that this year these 6 young persons who are chosen are going to be the faces representing all the beautiful qualities that our country has to offer. It could be anybody, it doesn't necessarily have to be someone who is in school or has a business, success is pretty relative. What we've decided is where are going to prepare multimedia with them, we are going to share them with the entire country and to all the Belizean Americans living abroad as well. They are going to be travelling with us and they are just going to be out there. They are going to celebrate the fact that these young persons are everything that Belize has to offer."

Andrea Polanco
"So how does one become involve if they like to, maybe nominate somebody or offer themselves as the face of Belize?"

Shari Williams, NICH Communicatins Officer
"Well first of all the person had to have been born in 1981, therefore they are either 30 years old or going to be 30 years old this year. They have to be a Belizean or Belizean parentage and they have to possess certain qualities that make them Belize - that make them Belizean."

If you would like to be considered as one of the faces of Belize or know of someone who would, you can visit the September Celebrations website or call Shari Williams at 227-3050 for more information or send your submissions to [email protected] by February 25th, 2011.

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