A validation training program on the national strategy for rural areas-based development for Belize has been held in Punta Gorda town. Our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.


“Toledo Rural Development Officer Efrain Cowo, confirmed that the recent one day training sessions attended by sixty five participants from Toledo, included a wide range of relevant Stake Holders who reviewed and validated the proposed Belize rural area based development, strategy plans. The strategy aims to promote continuous sustainable and diversified economic activities in rural areas, provide the rural areas with the necessary public infrastructure and equipment, improve quality of the natural environment in rural locations, improve the provision of necessary services and promote the participation of the private productive sector, and of civil society in the developments of the respective rural communities. Facilitators were Rural development co-coordinator Ernest Banner, Dr. Roy Young of the University of Belize and Francis Cozole of the Ministry of Agriculture. The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development. This effort is sponsored by Kings Energy, Big Falls, Kings Texaco Punta Gorda and Fabrigas Belize Limited where whatever is not in stock can be ordered promptly upon request. Reporting for Love News, Paul Mahung, Punta Gorda.”