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Revision of the Belize Fisheries Act


Prepared by William Edeson and Elisa N. Montalvo

ThisReport was prepared with the support of the Wildlife Conservation Society, the OAK Foundationand the USAID Regional Program for the Management of Aquatic Resources and EconomicAlternatives.

And of course -- zero -- none at all -- input from Heritage Rt BZer Fishfolks!!

Who are universally considered to stupid to manage anything -- never mind the grounds thay have been fishing -- since the beginning of time!!

They do add this qualifier:

The author's views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect
the views of the United States Agency for International Development or
the United States Government.

Its an interesting document, not because of what it contains, but what it does not.
Mostly it is an examination of international maritime law and how it applies to Belize Fisheries and vessels. Important yes but disappointing.
Why? because the changes needed to our laws are not there. Gill nets? Not a word, long lines? Not a word Fish cages? not a word.Size limits? not a word,
There is mention of strengthening penalties by confiscating vessels etc which is good.
But the overall point is that its no good having new laws if you don't enforce them. and we don't.
One thing I did learn from this document. How many people know that breaking international fishery laws CANNOT by international agreement (to which Belize is a signatory) carry a sentence of imprisonment?
Perhaps we have to wait for the Statutary Instrument for the important issues.
we shall see

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