On Saturday in Punta Gorda, the Battle of the Drums Secretariat celebrated the eighty third birthday of the legendary Pandero and king of Paranda Paul Nabor. During the first annual PG day, Paul Nabor signed a memorandum of intent to establish an annual Paranda Awards musical fest. President of the Battle of the Drums Secretariat, Darius Avila told us more.

Darius Avila – President, Battle of the Drums Secretariat
“The proposed Paranda Fest will be held annually, it would be a ...where Paranderers from across Belize and the Garifuna Diaspora will meet to showcase, promote and launch their Paranda songs. The said showcase will be in the form of a concert and will provide significant financial and non-financial awards for Paranderos in different categories. The first Paranda Fest will be held on Saturday, January 26th, 2013, and will offer awards for Paranda of the year, Parandero of the year, Paranda Group of the year and Junior Parandero of the year among others. Both male and female Paranda Artists will be allowed to compete for the various categories of awards. And the Annual Paranda Fest will be named after the Legendary Paul Nabor and it will be called the Paul Nabor Paranda Fest.”

During the annual Paul Nabor birthday bash and in conjunction of festivities, the Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation Eden Martinez compensated Nabor for his contribution to the promotion of Paranda music.

Darius Avila – President, Battle of the Drums Secretariat
“On behalf of the Government of Belize awarded Mr. Paul Nabor with a monthly pension of $500.00 to take effect as of January 31st 2010 and to continue until his passing. According to Mr. Martinez, the Award was given to show appreciation to Paul Nabor for his contribution to the revival and promotion of Paranda music both locally and Internationally and to recognize him as a true ambassador who has represented Belize in a distinguished and exemplary manner both at home and abroad. The P.G Day culminated in the 2nd annual Paul Nabor Birthday Bash. He has been doing music since he was fifteen, I think he said.”

The third Annual Paul Nabor Birthday Bash will be held on Saturday January 27th, 2012.