With the ever increasing cost of fuel in the country, the Government of Belize has once again decided to assist the cane farmers in the northern districts of Corozal and Orange Walk through a direct subsidy for the price that they pay for fuel.

Last year the government waived import duty and general sales tax to a maximum of $2.00 per gallon on 1,051,472 gallons of diesel for cane farmers. On Wednesday, February 2, the Prime Minister explained to the Guardian that this year the government will be absorbing the total cost of import duty and general sales tax on fuel for cane farmers. An exact figure for the subsidy is not yet ascertained but it is expected to exceed last year’s which stood at $2.5 million dollars.

Government’s assistance to the cane farmers in this fashion has been steadily increasing. Previously government assisted the farmers with 800 thousand gallons of fuel which was increased to 1,051,472 gallons last year and this year it has been further increased.

This fuel allocation will assist cane farmers in the transportation of sugar cane to the Tower Hill Factory for the sugar cane crop year 2010/11. The controlling mechanism for the issuance of fuel will be set up by the Sugar Industry Control Board which will issue certificates to cane farmers specifying the amount of fuel that they should receive at the pump.

The Guardian