The Consul General of Belize in Los Angeles is introducing a new program designed to promote Belizean artists. The consulate’s cultural desk activities will start next week with an exhibit of the works of seven Belizean artists. The idea is modeled from similar programs initiated by other diplomatic missions in the area. Helen Laurie is the chair of the Consulate’s Fine Arts program.

Helen Laurie – Chair, Consulate’s Fine Arts program
 “The cultural desk will be featuring several cultural activities displays, expos, etcetera. The first event will be a fine art photography exhibit. It will be a monthly exhibit featuring professional Belizean photographers. There are many professional Belizean photographers in the Los Angeles community alone and we know they are all over the United States. They have done some tremendous work and we are happy to be able to share that with the community, give the community the opportunity to see the talent that exists in the Belizean community. So starting on February 12th, the inaugural exhibit will feature seven Belizean professional photographers. These seven gentlemen are Francis Estrada, Norman Renold, Alaric Wright, Curt Sanchez, John Bolwer, Roy Jex and Clive Gillett. These are just the photographers commencing the monthly events. The exhibits will run for a month and thereafter one photographer will be featured per exhibit per month.”

Laurie says that the exhibit, which will be hosted at the Consulate’s office on Wilshire Boulevard starting next week, will be open to the general public; but children in particular are being encouraged to view the displays. The consular official says that the cultural desk initiative will also feature the works of artists residing in Belize.

Helen Laurie – Chair, Consulate’s Fine Arts program
“The cultural desk will also feature other forms of art not just photography and we will get an opportunity to see what other talent is out there in the Belizean Community. We have some very talented artists. Everyone is familiar with cericote work of arts which are beautiful carvings which we love to bring back from Belize whenever we visit. Other forms of art will include paintings. There are talented painters living in the US and others who may be interested and we don’t know who they are. So, if you know anyone who is a professional artist certainly let them know about these events and the Cultural Desk and they can visit the consulate’s office and let them know.”

The inaugural exhibition opens on February twelfth and will continue through to March eight. This will be followed by the first solo exhibit which will feature the works of Francis Estrada. Artists wishing to have their works displayed by the Cultural Desk at the Belize Consulate in Los Angeles can call the office at telephone number: 323-634-9900.