On Friday, we told you about the opening of the dialysis unit at the KHMH. But that's only half the story about the dialysis programme funded by the WORTH foundation in Belize.

The other half is in Santa Elena Cayo where an identical unit with four dialysis machines has been set up. That was opened on Friday afternoon, and it is named in honour of the champion of the cause Jose Cruz.

Grant McPherson, the director of Loma Luz reminisced on his friend and the man he called his hero:….

Grant McPhearson, Dir. La Loma Luz Hospital
"It was definitely Jose's dream to be with us today. I miss him as a friend. i miss him as a confidante, I know many of you do too."

Dr. Michael Pitts, Director Of Health Services
"The service that we expect from this unit along with its sister unit in Karl Heusner is a service that just does not hook up a patient into a machine but a service that look at the comprehensive needs for patients."

Notably Jose Cruz's widow Meleni was not at the event. She told us she was not invited. Ministry of Health officials told us that she was, but no one knew where she lives presently. For the record, she still lives at the home where she and Cruz resided.

There was a vacant seat for her at the head table at the Cayo event.

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