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The Chrysalis project on Big and Little Channel Cayes in the Pelican Caye Range of the Southwater Marine Reserve, a protected area within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, was apparently approved by DOE without any notice to the public of any amendments to the EIA. According to DOE, the ECP has not been finished yet.

Also, the proposed Yum Balisi project on Cat Caye in the Pelican Range has now submitted an EIA. (Their prior submission was an LLES.) The EIA can be downloaded here .

Following is the description of the location of this project from the Executive Summary of the EIA. According to the notice in the Reporter (page B, Sunday, 6 February 2011), the public hearing will be on Tuesday, 15 February at 7 PM at the Help Age Center in Dangriga.

The proposed Yum Balisi Sustainable Luxury Resort development will be located on Fisherman’s Caye, referred to as Cat’s Caye on the Minister’s Fiat Grants land Document, a privately owned caye situated along the western border of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, which is one of the protected areas within the designated UNESCO -World Heritage Site.

Cat/Fishermen’s Caye is now owned by Geneva BZ Big Cat Three, LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company. (A check with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Website revealed that this company is one of several “Geneva BZ” companies, namely, Geneva BZ Big Cat One, LLC, Geneva BZ Big Cat Two, LLC, Geneva BZ Big Cat Four, LLC, Geneva BZ South Saddle One, LLC, Geneva BZ Punta Azul 10, LLC, Geneva BZ Hopkins Bay One, LLC and Geneva BZ Parrot Cove, LLC. No registered agents were on file for any of these companies.) According to conveyance documents in the Appendix, the Big Cat Four company also seems to own about 2 acres of land on the caye that was conveyed to it by Daniel Fabro of Belize City on 28 March 2008. Other grantors of the caye include Bradley Paumen of Paumen’s Pleasure Cove Lodge, Ltd., Eagle Land Development, Ltd. and Dennis Lampella. (Based on an Internet search, Pleasure Cove Lodge (in the same area as Jaguar Reef and Hamanasi) was renamed Parrot Cove Lodge after acquisition by Paumen.) All transactions were handled by Barrow and Williams in 2008.

The following information is from the Executive Summary of the Yum Balisi EIA. (We just found out about the EIA last night, so haven’t yet had time to review the full EIA. )

The proposed resort on Cat Caye/Fisherman’s Caye will include 35 luxury units (35 rooms/35 bathrooms) primarily on the eastern and southern sections of the island (5 luxury cottages, 14 premium cottages, 10 deluxe cottages and 6 over-water “eco-cottages.” In addition to these units, there will be 3 additional duplexes (two bedroom/two bath accommodations) for management and staff, a 10,000 square foot lobby/restaurant/office complex in an “Eco-Village” of 21,400 square feet that will include a “Belize Coral Reef and Natural Resource Learning Center,” a business center, one main gift shop with three smaller covered stalls, a spa/health-wellness center and a beach bar. Capacity (initial?) is 70 guests and 40 staff members.


A helipad is proposed to be constructed using either a prefabricated aluminum framing systems or concrete and steel. Asphalt will not be used because of its potential to contaminate the sensitive ecosystem of the area. Development on the northern section of the caye will be limited to a research facility to be located on the northwestern tip of the island where the wooden house exists, one Luxury Cottage to and three ECO Lodges. Approximately 3,500 running feet by 5 feet wide of raised walkways will serve as an interpretive trail and will facilitate access to other resort facilities. In total, the building space will be approximately 54,150 square feet and a total of 3,500 length running feet of raised walkway.

Piers will be located in the ponds on the caye, in addition to a pier on the Caribbean.

Dredging activities will be required, “but only to allow for elevating the area that had already been previously filled.” Notably, the EIA states that, “in 2009, a permit was obtained to carry out this activity but the activity has yet to be executed.” (Note: this permit was issued to Bradley Paumen of Paumen’s Pleasure Cove Lodge, Ltd. and was for 16,000 cubic yards in an area of 400’x300’x9’ issued on 17 February 2009 and was valid until 31 December 2009. The permit was signed by Craig Moore.)

40,000 cubic meters will be dredged to raise about 19 acres of the island to a height of 3 feet above MSL.

A “small” desalination plant will built to provide water. The Executive Summary estimates water requirements at 10,000 gallons per day, but I haven’t yet had time to look at how this number was calculated.

Written comments on the proposed Yum Balisi development from as many individuals and organizations as possible seems to be necessary, as does attendance at the public consultation.

We also need to obtain information on what was approved for the Chrysalis Resort on Big and Little Channel Cayes. DOE will not release public information to PCSD or BACONGO/BELPO, so another organization needs to request these documents. (PCSD is also trying to obtain the ECP for an 18-hole golf course on the Placencia Lagoon that was approved by DOE without submission of an EIA. Help in obtaining the ECP for the “Panther Golf Course” would be greatly appreciated – we are in the middle of an FOIA request for this document, and it was also requested by the Placencia Village Council, but DOE would not provide it to the Council, either.)

Thank you for your attention.

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