Much needed work on the San Pedro PolyClinic’s roof started on Monday January 10th. The repairs will serve to eradicate the problems affecting the roof structure such as severe leaking, water damage and the possibility of formation of dangerous mold growth as a result.

The work was done by DELNOX Construction of Belize City. A team of four individuals; supervisor Mr. Earl Stuart, Mr. Michael Ramos, Mr. Earl Stewart and Mr. Sherwin Latchman, undertook the task.

Construction workers working on the Roof
According to Mr. Ramos, they used a Hydro Stop Material of very high quality guaranteed to provide a leak free finish for up to ten years. The process started with a power wash to clean the surface of the area being treated. This was followed by a layer of the foundation material, a layer of special cloth material, another two layers of the foundation material, a barrier guard and a finishing layer, white in color.

Visiting the PolyClinic now, the once visible cracks in the roofs and along the pillars inside the building have disappeared.

The Finished Roof

The clinic continue to operate from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday with a doctor on call 24/7 for emergencies during the hours that the clinic is closed. With the service of four full time triage nurses; two Registered Nurses, two Practical Nurses; and two (MTH) Maternity Health nurses, service at the clinic is quickly improving. In addition to emergencies the Poly Clinic offers pre and post natal services, baby clinics (including vaccinations), Specialists for eyes, bones, diabetes, dental care and many other ailments, diseases and sicknesses. Everyday care for coughs, colds, blood pressure management and so forth are available at the clinic. Services rendered by the San Pedro PolyClinic are free of charge and donations are encouraged in the form of $5bz if the patient can afford it.

The General Public is informed that while there is no charge for services offered by the Poly Clinic, there are still costs for the daily operations of the facility. Your donation of one, two, three, four or five dollars is needed and would be greatly appreciated. If we are to keep the Poly Clinic operational and provide ALL the services necessary - we need to work together as a community to make it possible.