This weekend the cycling world will be in high gear with the 16th. Annual Digicell cycling classic.

The race runs from San Ignacio Hotel To the Benque Viejo Border and then down to Leslie's Imports in Belize City. Kwame Scott is a lead cycling official and he told us about the significance of the race:…

Kwame Scott
"Well history has showed Jules, that the winners of this race have gone on to perform and even win the Cross Country Classic. Also this is our first race on the cycling calendar for the year that traverses through what we call hills, add to that, the fact that the race finishes over the last seventy miles, over the same course that will be one of the biggest races in Belize, the Cross Country Classic, so it's big. We are expecting around six to eight foreigners in the elite race, there are also two teams from Guatemala, two teams of four who have expressed desire, have submitted their names for vetting for the masters category. In terms of the ten foreigners in the elite race, six will be expected to be incorporated with the local teams. Also we know that this is one of the most dangerous configurations as most of the time they have gone on to win certain races."

Jules Vasquez
"A home team like Western Spirit could have a critical advantage because a large portion of the early part of the race is concentrated in the hills on which they train every day."

Kwame Scott
"This is one of the most interesting things about this race, that it actually favors no one because it starts in the hills, so if you are a good climber you may have an advantage from the start. But what happens when we would flatten out and head into what we would call the south east or the kite breeze? I mean it should favor the sprinters or even the pacers so it will be a very very interesting race this Sunday."

The race starts at 9:00 am…

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