A series of activities has been planned by the Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio.  Correspondent Kenrick Francisco reports.

Kenrick Francisco Reporting
"Giving is the highest form of living. When students experience, mirrors real life situation, it allows them to later tap into their inner resources to utilize acquired knowledge and skills to realize their dreams. This is the premise of Sacred Heart Colleges Career day activities, slated for February 10. The purpose of the event is to assist second Form Students by giving them insight into what career choices they have. This should translate to them making conscious decisions about career options for the upcoming School Year. The event is being coordinated by Mrs Trisha Hulse Silva and Mr Alvin Medina, who are second form year heads. According to Mrs Silva, the all day session will allow students to identify their career options and be cognisant of the subjects required and be to realize their aspirations. The presenters will include Lawyers, Tour Guides, Police and Customs Officers, Archaeologists, Architects, Athletes, Bank Managers and Educators. On Friday February 11th, Sacred Heart College will also be having a Science Fair and Expo. The purpose of the event is to create a venue for students to display their Scientific knowledge, as well as to engage them to an in School Competition, to ascertain who will represent the School at the National Science Fair this year. According to Mrs Karen Waite, head of the Science Department, and Expo has been included to the Science Fair. This will facilitate the presence of Organization whose activities depicts Scientific perspectives. She added that the emphasis of making a connection between Science and the environment is critical  for  the students to become cognisant that organization play a fundamental role in sustainable development. Mrs Waite added that he fair will have the participation of some 56 groups, who had to engage in a series of investigations using the scientific methods and they will be judged on Friday.  Prizes will be awarded to the winning group by forms and include a day at the Belize Zoo courtesy of the Belize Zoo, Educational trip to the Northern Districts courtesy BAHA, trips to Cockscomb Basin, courtesy the Forest Dept, a trip to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Courtesy of the Fisheries Department, a trip to Goff Caye, Courtesy of Oceana, items plus $150. cash from Belize Agrotec Enterprise Limited, and $300. cash from BECOL. The fair will include participation of the aforementioned organizations and others. Reporting for Love News, Kenrick Francisco, San Ignacio."