Last night, the poor man's philanthropist Dara Robinson told us about all the food he gathered from his Bob Marley Tribute concert.

And today, being the man of true transparency that he is, Robinson called us to follow him as he made the deliveries to impoverished families on the northside.

Monica Bodden Reports:…
Joel Robinson - known to many as Dara -started his food distribution from yesterday and today he invited us to come along as he handed out more bags filled with food items- that he had received from his food drive.

He started out in the Kings Park area - where a number of needed families received a bag each.

And then it was off to Majestic alley where he was met by these mothers -

Most who were single.

Dorla Gillett
"Well we will use it the best way we could because we need it. I am a single mother with six kids."

Alisa Myers
"Well at this time it definitely will come in handy because I have 4 kids; 3 of my own and a niece that i am taking care of since my mom pass away in 2009 and since then I have been unemployed. This is the first time that I have been a recipient from Dara, but i have seen him done it before with all his concert that he has had at the MCC. He has been working very hard for people like us in this ghetto neighborhood and many other people in other neighborhood that can do very good with this type of handout as we will say at this time. It's very hard right now. it's very rough so it's very good and we really appreciate it."

Monica Bodden
"Now Georgia, tell me how handy this bag of food comes in for you?"

Georgia Mackenzie
"It really comes in handy because this is the young man who really looks after us because we the poor ghetto, we really appreciate what he is doing for us because not even the government is doing this so God will bless him and thank him for what he is doing for us. Respect."

Dorla Gillett
"Thanks to Mr. Dara for the support."

Monica Bodden
"You really needed it."

Dorla Gillett
"Yes I needed it."

Area Resident
"I don't have any light, no water, I have 10 children and it is me alone and my man is working hard from 6 - 6 in the evening from Monday to Sunday. Thank God for Joel - I could get a little bit of groceries, may God bless him and may God bless me so that we can do better. Amen."

Monica Bodden
"Was it unexpected?"

Alisa Myers
"Well definitely. But we know, like I said he came before and did it in this area. It's just that he added a few more people like myself to the list and i am very appreciative and I would like to say a headful thanks to Dara and his family."

Joel "Dara" Robinson
"Through the alley, I never expected to give so much but there are so much need through here so I just decide to give all through here and the rest I will do it another day. There are a lot of other neighborhood like this where needy people need a handout and thing. I am not doing this for any political vote or anything, I just raise these foods and decide to go around and help poor people."

Dara has been doing food drives for over the past 4 years - to help those who are less fortunate. And even though it may seem like just a little - it was proven today that a little can go along way.

Joel "Dara" Robinson
"I had cater for 25 families, but I ended getting more than 25 when I started to pack. I already gave like 20 families things so I have for at least another 15 more families. So it will continue tomorrow because I am drain and tired because I am around from this morning. This is my last stop for today and then I will try to reach out on my cycle to the other people in the farther stop. Enough thanks and bless up."

And through his work - Dara has managed to put together a number of fundraising events to help the unprivileged such as Steven Buckley - who was shot in the head by police.

He told us -next on his list is 36 year old Anthony King Major who is now paralyzed from the neck down after he was shot on November 26th - at the corner of Card Alley and Fredrick Street.

The bullet entered through Major's upper right chest and exited through the right side of his back.

A man now trapped in his own body, Anthony depends solely on his mother- who had to quit her job to take care of him.

And as hard as it already is being unable to move - he has been having complications from bed sores.

Joel "Dara" Robinson
"When I heard it and saw it the first time on television, it don't touch you when you come and see the man in person. The first trip made, he wasn't like that, but the second trip I made his condition that he is - I had to come back and make the media get involve and try to get help because I myself can only do so much. In times like these when people are like this, we have to look past the negative, we know Anthony wasn't any angel but in time like this we as Belizeans have to show our love and our heart and give a helping hand because the man still have life and he is fighting. He say he plans to walk again, so we have to help. Like I said that I will keep in touch with the family because I am close to the family and if we have to bring back the media again to get help, the lady give her number. If I have a put something together like a marathon to try to help the brother we will do that."

If you would like to assist Anthony Major, you can call his mother at 665-0035.

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