Officials of the Ministry of Education and the Social Investment Fund have applauded San Vicente villagers during inauguration ceremonies of the new RC school in the village.

Paul Mahung reporting...

“The well attended village level event brought together students, teachers, parents, village leaders as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education and Youth, Social Investment Fund, Caribbean Development Bank, Toledo RC School management and Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation. SIF’s Executive Director Daniel Cano in his opening remarks applauded San Vicente villagers for their support in the new San Vicente RC School project.

Daniel Cano – Executive Director, SIF

"A lot of work has been done by the school in getting to this point. Aside from meeting to work out details of the project, the school has taken on a greater role in this project through the construction of the fence which they have done on their own; the school along with the village council and the residents of San Vicente. This is an indicator of the commitment of the school to this endeavour, the great pride of the parents here in San Vicente and of the sustainability that this project will have.”

Guest Minister was Education and Youth Patrick Faber who also expressed words of gratitude to San Vicente villagers.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

"I thank you because this was one of the villages I came in those early months of my being appointed as Minister of Education that helped me along to formulate what direction we would take in the Ministry of Education. You remember when I came that time I told you I had come because I wanted to see for myself the condition that our boys and girls in our country experience while trying to get an education and I wanted to see for myself what input I could make but certainly what the Ministry of Education could make in terms of determining how we can develop, how we can work to make better the conditions here. It was when I came here in San Vicente that I found out that the condition for instance that so many of your students who are going to high school had to go all the way to the dump to Julian Cho Technical, that you had to get up very early in the morning as the principal said in his opening remarks; that in fact the cost of education here in the Toledo District and the burdens of finances kept so many of your people, even though they were finished with primary school from going to high school. It was in those early months and it was in this very village that some of the ideas that have now been fleshed out and have now become reality, although we are still not where we would want to be. Some of these dreams, some of these imaginations can now be seen as a reality and that is why I want to thank you.”

Other speakers included Toledo West Representative Minister of State Juan Coy, San Vicente High School Principal Evagro Bol, Village Chairman Jose Chub, Alcalde Julio Pop and Toledo RC School Assistant Manager Joseph Cayetano. Cultural entertainment was provided by students of San Vicente. The reinforced one storey concrete school building which was also built to serve as a hurricane shelter now accommodates 135 students and 6 teachers. The new building includes 6 classrooms, a library, principal’s office and bathroom block.