Ladyville resident and poet Harley Evan Burn, better known as ‘River of Fire’ is releasing his first book publication in Belize. Burn stopped by our studios and told us more.

River of Fire – Poet

“It’s gonna be launched tonight at UWI at six o’clock. It’s a free event; people are invited to come out and purchase books and see the show. No poem I write is written by me, it is inspired by someone and then I write the poem, usually women. 99% of the poems I write, it’s women who told me to write the poems. The women will be presenting the poems, they will be reading the poems that were written for them. In the case of poems written in the United States other muses will be reading their poems. Some might call it a comeback, I don’t call it a comeback I’ve been here before, I’ve been here all along. They can acquire a copy from me or if they go to ESS on Buttonwood Drive. If you buy a copy from me it’s $20.00 if you buy a copy from anywhere else it will be $25.00. Fultec will have books, Young’s Automotive will have books and Cambranes Bakery will have books”.

The event will feature Azizi Hoy and Margaret Arana and a video segment shot by 13 Productions will be shown. River of Fire can be reached at 630-3417.