ďOnion producers in the Corozal District are up in arms because they say the Belize Marketing Board is flooding the market with imported onions while farmers are having problems selling their produce. Santiago Che is the Chairman of the Corozal Onions Producers Group.

Santiago Che - Chairman of the Corozal Onions Producers Group.

ďOur main concern is the marketing board is importing too much onion and we canít sell our onion here in Corozal, not even in Orange Walk. My terrace is full with onions right now and I canít sell it. I urge the Minister of Agriculture to please see what he can do because marketing board will still import onions the twelfth day of this month, so we will be loaded with onion, so we canít sell our local onion. If the importer will are selling us our onion cheaper I donít see why the consumer will pay more than that because the onion is getting cheaperĒ.

Farmers are asking for the Governments intervention in addressing the situation.

Santiago Che - Chairman of the Corozal Onions Producers Group.

ďI want marketing board to buy the onions now that is at home so letís sit down with the Minister, the marketing board and maybe if he can buy our onions so I think that produce will finish because he will do the same thing that what he is doing when he brought the onions to ask the importers to buy him the onions. I was talking to an importer and he is telling me that if they donít buy onion with them they will not give them a permit to go to Chetumal to buy other vegetables. That thatís why Iím asking to the minister to talk to the marketing board to arrange something for us. ď

Love News understands that representative of the Belize Marketing Board will meet with farmers in Corozal.