An anti-crime ‘Get involved’ campaign was formally introduced this morning. Michael Young, Attorney at Law and Chairman of the Crime Control Council says that the crime wave that has been sweeping the nation is a deep rooted one and that we can only make substantial progress with the involvement of everyone.

Michael Young – Chairman, Crime Control Council

“The people need to address this problem by getting involved. Those who can contribute, they must contribute. It can be in the way of money, it can be in the way of talent, it could be in the way of knowledge but we absolutely as a people, just as in Egypt the people recognized what power they had and that led to the overturn of a dictator who was in power for 30 years, once we the people appreciate the power that we have in our hands, and we get involved we can absolutely turn this around even though it is going to take time.”

Maria Novelo - Reporter

I understand that you are adopting two schools.

Michael Young – Chairman, Crime Control Council

“Today features two schools, Young’s Law Firm is formally adopting the Port Loyola Pre School but we have been working with that school for about eight or nine years. Another adoption took place and that is formal again, that James Brodie and Company in relation to St. Mary’s and there again, in fact even longer than we have been involved in Port Loyola, they have been helping St. Mary’s and very importantly and significantly we have Leila Peryfitte formally adopting a student at high school. He is at first form and he is passing first. That reflects that it doesn’t have to a company or a firm with a large budget, a large amount of money; that you look at your means, you look at what you can do and you make your adoption. The focus today is on education because education is really at the heart of where a country is and where it is going to go."

Young says he is encouraging other entities and individuals to join in the anti-crime band wagon.

Michael Young – Chairman, Crime Control Council

"It’s very clear and very simple, you make up your mind, you decide to do it and then you determine how you are going to do it. You calculate what you can afford and put that aside. If you decide on a certain amount to contribute to the school you don’t have to give all at once, you can do it by instalments. Having decided what you want to do, you act in consultation with the management of the school. The power and the potential for this is nothing less than enormous. All it needs is that decision that you are going to get involved then you determine how you are going to get involved.”

The initiative is a joint effort with Young’s Law Firm and Restore Belize