U.D.P. endorses Boots; and P.U.P.’s Ivan Ramos wins convention

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez

In political news, the red and blue machines revved up over the weekend as both the U.D.P. and P.U.P. held conventions for standard bearers for the next general elections. Supporters of the ruling United Democratic Party descended upon the Cumberbatch Field in Port Loyola on Sunday evening in throngs as area representative Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez was endorsed by constituents and party stalwarts in a third bid for political office. Martinez was the sole candidate so he received full endorsement from the gathering.

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez, Area Representative, Port Loyola

“I love my community! I love poor people and I think dehn people love me! And I noh think nobody wah mek nobody harm me. Ladies and gentlemen I always deh ya fu mek sure that things run right. I want to open as much opportunity as I could. I want a better living for people. I want to be certain that the living condition is far better noh only fu di people of Port Loyola but dih poor people ah dis country. When you look pan di lotta program weh dis government initiate like yo geh yoh subsidy fu first and second form and yoh done deh because when I goh rub down di Minister of Education ih say bwai third and fourth noh deh een yet but I say bwai wih need ahn. Weh wi wah do? Ih touch me.”

Ivan Ramos

In the south, the opposition People’s United Party also held a convention over the weekend. Approximately nine hundred persons voted to elect the standard bearer for Dangriga. Ivan Ramos trounced Greg Ovado by a wide margin. Ramos secured six hundred and twenty votes while Ovado trailed behind with two hundred and seventy-two votes.

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