My name is Georgia and i am a young doctor from the UK. I
am currently taking a year off, and have spent the last 6
months working in ED in Syndey, Australia. However i am
now taking a few months to travel and do voluntary work.
My orgininal vol work plans have unfortunately fallen
through so i am looking in to other options. I have spent
a fair bit of time in Belize - i did my medical elective
in San Ignacio, and returned for a few months the
following year to travel. i have always been interested
in coming back to do voluntary work once i had actually
qualified and infact posted on here about 18months ago
when i first qualified. At that timesomeone sent a very
helpful response about the possibilty of working at the
clinic on San Pedro but unfortunately i cannot for the
life of me find her details anymore! I am now 20months
post qualification, with 8 months ED expereince and plenty
of enthusiasm! I am keen to come for up to a month in may
- june 2011 time and am happy to be anywhere in Belize(any
where my help is needed) - although probs not Belize City
as i am coming alone. I have unfortunately already asked
Hillside but they are full and was hoping the lady who had
a contact at san pedro may still be on here!

Any help would be so greatly appreciated as it would be
good to organise asap

best wishes