February 15, 2011

Out of school youths in Orange Walk were involved in some positive activities yesterday. We spoke with YFF Youth empowerment coordinator, Harrison Williams.

Harrison Williams – Youth Empowerment Coordintor, YFF

“Yesterday youth for the Future initiated a cleanup campaign with the assistance of VOICE who referred us a client, Ms. Anna Canul who is physically impaired, she has no legs. We did a basic cleanup at her house with both youth groups. The Raw Youth Group and the Potential Youth Group who did a basic cleanup of her interior and as well a yard clean up, getting rid of all the materials that would be harmful to young people living in the area. She really doesn’t have any help at her house in cleaning up or cleaning the yard or brushing up. We went with the group and did a basic cleanup of her yard and inside of her house.”

Youth for the Future is also looking at ways getting young people to grow vegetables.

Harrison Williams – Youth Empowerment Coordintor, YFF

“The gardening project was initiated yesterday with the assistance of Mr. Wilbert Tzul from Humana people to people who handed over to us 15 sets of seeds consisting of cilantro, carrots, cucumber, sweet peppers and cabbage. This garden project is to be initiated and we ask that persons interested, groups interested, families to please contact Harrison Williams at Youth for the future to initiate any gardening project that they might have in mind.”

Another project being carried out by the YFF in Orange Walk is a job preparedness and safety preparedness program. The training starts next Wednesday and interested youths are asked to visit the YFF office. Young people will be given safety skills and preparation training to enter into the workforce also with aim of finding ways of streaming these out of school youths into government jobs.