Kenneth X’s shopping spree with customs officer’s credit card

Kenneth X Jones

A Belize City Customs Officer lost his wallet and the person who found it, used his credit card to go on a personal shopping spree. Thirty-two year old Albert Matute reported that the wallet, which contained his driver’s license, voter’s I.D., along with his debit and credit cards, was stolen on January sixteenth. Matute’s credit card is from Atlantic Bank Corozal branch and after the theft; he received a bank statement with purchases amounting to one thousand, five hundred and seventy-nine dollars, which he says he knew nothing about. Proper police investigations have led to the detention of twenty-two year old Kenneth X Jones. Jones was arraigned today for Forgery and Theft. And while the expenses on Matute’s credit card bill are over a thousand dollars, Jones was only charged with forgery for three hundred and forty-five dollars and seventy-four cents that was spent. He was offered bail of three thousand dollars and is due back in court on April fifth. And though Jones managed to meet bail, it was not revealed if he paid cash or used a card.

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