They found success with their first store, Mariano’s, located on Pelican Street. Offering games, a bouncy tent, party balloons and of course, delicious frozen yogurt and ice cream, Mariano’s has proved to be a hit with children of all ages.
Now Lyzemie and Pocho Calderon have opened their second store, selling homemade frozen yogurt and ice cream. The creamy delicious frozen yogurt treats include your choice of (real) blueberries/strawberries/blackberries and other delicious fruits blended for a delicious and healthy treat. Yogurt smoothies refreshes, and you can feel virtuous sipping on it too!! Ice creams are creamy and delicious, coming in a variety of flavors and combos.

The Calderons welcome everyone to come on by to Mariano’s 2 on Pescador Drive, next to Waruguma’s, and enjoy the tasty treats on offer. You won’t want to miss it!!