Rumours were plentiful this morning about an unidentified plane that had gone down somewhere in the vicinity of Cangrejo Caye, just at the southern tip of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

The Belize Coast Guard responded to the report they received this morning sometime around ten, by sending one of its patrol boats stationed at Ambergris Caye, to comb the area for any possible sightings of an aircraft. However, after searching for three hours and finding nothing, the Coast Guard decided to call off the search.

7 News checked with Civil Aviation authorities who told us they had received a request from the BDF Airwing this morning, to check for any radar confirmation of an aircraft going down in that area. Aviation authorities could not confirm of any such incident, except to say that all domestic and international commercial aircraft were safe and accounted for.

According to the Coast Guard, they received the tip from a soldier attached to the BDF post in San Pedro. That soldier is said to have gotten the information from locals on the island who claimed they had sighted a down plane in the Cangrejo caye area. While the search has been officially called off, according to Lieutenant Bennett, Commander of Operations for the Coast Guard, a patrol unit attached to Ambergris Caye is standing by in the event of any further developments.

Channel 7