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It's a really cool (and VERY FUNNY!) website for ALL things Belizean! It's in its 3rd month and has gotten pretty good feedback so far. Current members are fully enjoying it -- go check out their testimonies/comments for yourselves on the site! The site is updated daily with new material, so there are pages upon pages of a variety of topics - from the serious the the straight-up HILARIOUS (just scroll down to the end of the homepage and click on whatever page of material you want)!! And the best thing about it is: it's ALL ABOUT BELIZE...BY BELIZEANS...FOR ANY BELIZEAN (i.e. "pickney", "yutes", adults, middle-aged, elderly, students, politicians, average-joe, “Church-pipple”, etc - regardless of race, ethnicity, class, color, or creed - ANYONE! If you're Belizean, then this site is for YOU! Besides, isn't it about time Belize had some really GOOD ENTERTAINMENT comparable to other QUALITY international websites? Well, is the place to find it! Go see for yourself....

(Just to whet your appetite) When you’re there, check out popular links like:
1) 12 Days of Christmas in Belize – The Life of Charly Price
2) How Belizean Men Get Caught Cheating on Facebook: FB Cheating 101 (LOL!)
3) Outstanding Students – Iandra Middleton
4) Sere for the Soul – Why am I here?
5) Interesting Facts about Crime in 2010
6) Better Days - Belize
7) Shocking Belizean Celebrity Look-alikes
8) SCA Anthem: Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red vs. SJC Anthem: I’m Blue
9) You are Belizean Crossword Puzzle
10) Kruffy Lingo (Dictionary) – “Nuh watch no face”
…………………………………………........and SO MUCH MORE!

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