The Social Investment Fund this morning this morning handed over a donation to Youth for the Future and the Community Policing Unit. This included an assortment of computers, digital cameras and projectors to be used in training programs. Mike Hernandez is SIF’s Director of Public Relations.

Mike Hernandez – Director of Public Relations, SIF

“What is happening is that last year in October the Social Investment Fund in collaboration with the Community Policing Unit along with Youth for the Future launched a one month training program for youths in Belize City, it was roughly 30 youths, Belize City and surrounding areas. The purpose of that training was to prepare youths in providing them with the necessary skills and capabilities to access on line jobs. As you know there is quite an interesting market especially jobs being offered on line by O-desk, Freelancer, etcetera. So that training actually was very successful but part of that training package also included a provision of equipment and that is precisely what we have presented today.”

Youth Program Coordinator for the Community Policing Unit Douglas Hyde says a lot of activities have been planned in terms of youth development and the contribution will come in handy.

Doulas Hyde - Youth Program Coordinator, Community Policing Unit

"We plan to do some in house training with police officers to develop their skills in terms of computer literacy and also in terms of information technology. Likewise we are going to assist our young persons to develop their skills more so that down the road we can go more into this on line business where young persons could learn to earn some funds and money off the on line business. The last three we carried out which was the ending of last year our young people were very much involved and they are very much interested about it and every week from that training they are here at the Yabra Community Drop In Center where they continue go on line and try to seek jobs. Some of them have been successful some of them are still learning the whole process. More and more we see the importance to develop this and improve this in this way. We have a computer cafe here at the center and that is available from 10 o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the evening, we extend sometimes to six to cater to those students who come from school. These services, the computers are there every day available from Mondays to Fridays and sometimes we open on Saturdays too."

The equipment is valued at over thirty thousand dollars.