Students of IT-VET in Orange Walk have adopted a park in that municipality.

Manuela Ayuso Cantun reporting....

The Orange Walk IT-Vet prides themselves as pace setters. Last week the institution adopted the Otro Benque Park and we found them hard at work., Orange Walk IT-Vet Natalia Andrews is in charge of the project and tells us more.

Natalia Andrews - Participant

We are beautifying the park, so that it will be able to use by the children and the citizens from this area, they will be able to recreate and have swings, see-saw, they have a platform like a play house where the children enjoy at least in the evening time they will have some sort of recreation. The basketball court was in a bad state so what we are doing is taking down the rims, putting up new backboards, paint the entire court and putting our logo on it because we are adopting the park, so the park now will be part of our institution.

Andrews says adopting the park has given the trainees the opportunity to put into to practice what they have learnt and give back to the community they are living in.

Natalia Andrews - Participant

We have about a hundred and sixty trainees and they are working in their field, those from the carpentry department they are rebuilding the playhouse, those that building construction they are helping with the installing of the park benches. Those from welding they are doing the handles for the swings anything concerning welding that is what they are doing. The skills that they have learnt that is what they are applying for this project.

For young people actually doing the work, this experience was actually gratifying. Participant First of all I learn how to be a team leader, a team member, how to work with one another especially when there are a lot of heads doing one thing we need to learn how to control yourself and how to deal with all the rest. But its not only about applying skills, its also about having fun as Sandy Rhodas told us.

Sandy Rhodas - Participant

Its fun because we are painting, fixing stuff. My school is fixing and preparing a park for the village so that the kids could enjoy their selves with the swings and everything so that they can have a good time. Thats what our manager prepares us for to prepare things for people so that they can have somewhere to enjoy themselves. For Mary Cruz working on the park was putting into practice a trade she has grown up seeing all her life.


I also love the career which my father took thats why it inspires me, like they say only boys take construction, I will show them that not only boys can take construction.

Steven Jones is the Trainee in the electrical field.

Participant I am putting in practice my electrical trade because as you can see we all are doing welding, drilling whatsoever that they have in IT-VET the trades them. I am proud of what Im doing today because Im helping the Orange Walk District and I am helping the young people that will be coming right here."

Each month the trainees from the respective trades will take turns to upkeep the park.