On Friday the National Garifuna Council’s 27th annual convention begins in Seine Bight Village in the Stann Creek District. Love News spoke with President of the NGC Ernest Castro.

Ernest Castro – President, National Garifuna Council

“This is when all 11 branches of the National Garifuna Council come together to discuss matters of importance to us as Garinagu. We will be giving a report on what happened during the year under review and we will be asking the members who are in attendance for direction, for suggestions as to how we move forward as National Garifuna Council. The work of the National Garifuna Council can be summed up briefly. One, we are here to ensure that the language that the culture remains active and there is also a youth arm that we try to encourage so that they can take over when we leave. Secondly we also promote interracial harmony so we network with the other cultural groups for example the National Kriol Council and the Maya Council so we try to ensure that there is interracial harmony among us.”

Ava Diaz Sosa - Reporter

I also notice that during the convention you will be holding a series of forums?

Ernest Castro – President, National Garifuna Council

“Yes we will be holding a series of panel discussions for example one of the discussions will center around economic develop or lack thereof in the Stann Creek District. This will be dealt with by Mr. Jerry Enriquez and Marion Cayetano. I want listeners to know that they are all invited to come down to the village of Seine Bight to share with us what we have to discuss among ourself with respect to the future of the Garifuna nation. We also want them to come and enjoy the scenic village of Seine Bight. It will be a learning experience in a sense they will know what will be going on us from Libertad all the way to Barranco because the branches will be participating actively and giving what has been happening in their respective branches.”

The convention is from March 4th to 6th.