Weekly Summary

February 28 to March 04, 2011

Amandala Editorial: What the Middle East Means to Belize

The first thing the Middle East turmoil, specifically and presently in Libya, means for Belize is that the price of crude oil has risen by 10%. This means the cost of everything goes up in Belize, because petroleum products are involved in almost all productive activity farming, fishing, trucking, transportation, electricity, etc., etc., etc.

IDB Announces $2 Billion for Central America and the Dominican Republic for 2011

Central America and the Dominican Republic are expected to obtain financing for $2 billion in 2011 from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for priority areas such as citizen security, infrastructure, social protection networks, natural disasters and climate change, and public finances, the President of the IDB Luis Alberto Moreno announced.

BSI Expects to Open on Sunday

The Belize Sugar Industry announced that the maintenance work on one of its turbines is about to be completed, which means that BSI expects to resume operations by Sunday morning.

Jamaica Tops Caribbean Sugar Production

The Sugar Association of the Caribbean says Jamaica led sugar production in the region in January this year with 22,872 tonnes. Belize followed with 18,283 tonnes and Guyana produced 9,806 tonnes.

Government Comes Public With New Petroleum Applications

The Government of Belize has, for the first time since 1995, come public with information on pending applications for vacant petroleum blocks. While it is not the publication in the Government Gazette specified in law, the press release issued late this evening does make public the government’s intent to consider applications by 5 companies for vacant blocks in northwestern Belize, vacated by RSM Corporation and West Bay Limited.

BNE Trust Names New General Manager

Tracy Panton is the new General Manager of the Belize Natural Energy Trust.

Investors in New Move to Oust Yoga Guru Quinn as Oil Firm Director

Yoga Guru Tony Quinn’s role as director of an oil company in Central America has come under fresh pressure after 70 shareholders backed a former director who is trying to oust him.

SSB Cheats Thousands of Workers

There is an insidious move by the Belize Social Security Board to fleece thousands of workers countrywide of some of their accident insurance benefits.

New $48 Mil Road to Link Belize With Pan-American Highway

A contract valued at BZ$47,995,867.50, to be financed mostly with foreign debt, has been awarded to Cisco Construction for the upgrading of 23 miles of road in the Toledo District, from The Dump in Big Falls Village, located at Mile 14 on the Southern Highway, to the Belize-Guatemala border, less than a mile south of Jalacte.

Two Senior Managers at the Belize Tourism Board Terminated; No Reason Given

Two senior managers - Shakira Oxley-Tsai and Lloyd Enriquez - at the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) have been dismissed from their posts yesterday.

Opposition Senator Resigns from Order of Distinguished Service

Former senator Hector Silva has resigned from the Order of Distinguished Service or ODS. Silva said he sent a letter to the Party Leader last Friday.

Injured Tourist Says, Dont Let Down Your Guard

Jon Berg, an American tourist who was vacationing on Caye Caulker, made the media rounds across Belize City to say that he was brutally assaulted on the island.

Parents of Couple Who Died in Plane Crash Sues Bowens Estate

One year later a lawsuit was filed against Sir Barry’s son Michael for damages. The case is being brought by Charles and Martha Casey, Michael’s parents, along with Linda Schuess, Jillian’s mother; they are suing for wrongful death.

Former Mexican Soldier Charged for Counterfeit, Gun and Ammo

A Mexican national who claimed to be a soldier from Tabasco was busted on an ammunition charge at the Corozal Free Zone last Thursday. His apprehension has opened a can of worms. The cops found José Luis Robles Beltrán with a .25 caliber pistol and 9 live rounds of ammunition.

Wife of Detained Mexican National Speaks Out

The story of the Mexican national from Tabasco who was arrested inside the Corozal Free Zone on a gun and ammunition, as well as possession of counterfeit currency charge, continues to unravel.

U.S. Navy Ship, Gunston Hall, Docks in Belize

The U.S.S. Gunston Hall is a Navy warship that is deployed for months at a time into international waters on missions that range from amphibious assaults to humanitarian work. They’ve been in Belize since February 24th working along with the B.D.F.

La Ruta Maya Takes Center Stage This Holiday Weekend

The river challenge will cover the entire length of the Belize Old River and will commence on Thursday, March 4, 2011 at the foot of the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District and will conclude on Monday, March 7, at the Belcan Bridge in Belize City.

GOB Snubs Oceana

Oceana, because of its stance against GOB in the matter of offshore oil exploration, has been barred from helping two government teams that are entering the La Ruta Maya River Challenge competition.

Letter to the Editor: Stewart, Audrey and the Mennonites

It is distressing to see such a high profile person as Audrey Matura writing in such an authoritative newspaper as Amandala perpetuating the same commonly held falsehoods about Belize’s Mennonites