I haven't read in-debth the document at the link below, but intend to do so. Thought I'd pass it along for other stakeholders who might be interested.

Working Draft Aquatic Living Resources Bill

This document sets out in outline form the overall framework of the proposed new Aquatic Living Resources Bill. It also contains several draft provisions that are put forward for consideration at the consultation.

These draft provisions are

  • interpretation (words and meanings)
  • objective of long term sustainable use
  • principles and measures
  • fisheries council
  • fishery management plans
  • designated fishery
  • marine reserves
  • local fishing vessel licence
  • local fishers’ licence
  • fees
  • validity of fishing licences
  • conditions of fishing licences • notice
  • cancellation or suspension of fishing licence
  • marine scientific research operations related to fisheries
  • test fishing operations
  • prohibited fishing methods
  • stowage of fishing gear
  • transhipment
  • regulations
  • negative resolution
CLICK HERE for the entire document