Hundreds of Women, Men and Children are expected to participate in this Saturday's annual Women's Month Bike Rally. This year the 4 mile ride is in support of the Belize Cancer Society. Icilda Humes the Director of the Women's Department told Seven News the ride this year has generated tremendous interest from all sections of the community.

Icilda Humes, Director of the Women's Department
"We asked that, as a part of activities for women's month, you really look at the agencies who are really doing outstanding work in the Country and so we are asking riders to donate at least one dollar, we will accept as much as you like to give. But like I said its optional you will still get your ticket and as you know from previous years, the ticket entitles you to be a part of the rider's raffle. This year the support has been far more overwhelming that we would have expected, I know that we are in a recession but the support from the business community really doesn't reflect that, and I think that shows how passionate the private sector agencies are about supporting the Women's issue and women's causes and women's month on a whole. Over the years we've seen significant generosity from the general public. Most people do contribute and usually we have about three to four hundred riders and as usually we offer an incentive for people to come early, the first fifty riders get a women's month, bike rally and I think we really up the ante this year with the quality of water bottles that we have, so we want to encourage people to come out early."

After completing the early morning 4 mile trek riders can take advantage of the Post-Bike Rally breakfast at the YWCA in Belize city.

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